Sunday, March 4, 2018

[Pop Team Epic] Episode 9 impressions

Episode 9
"Dancing with a Miracle"

About 4 minutes in, I started to wonder why I was still reading the subtitles when everything was being said in English

Part B with Okinawan accent. 😂

Is that what it was? It sounds really different; almost a separate language.

The distinction between a language being a dialect or its own seperate language is somewhat arbitrary. Examples of this include calling Cantonese and Mandarin "dialects" of "Chinese", and calling Okinawan a "dialect" of Japanese.

.... Mandarin is actually different from Chinese?

"Chinese", when refered to as a single language, usually does mean Mandarin. However, "Chinese" can also refer to a supposed language that has Mandarin, Min, Cantonese, Wu, etc. as its "dialects". That latter use is what I'm talking about.

I love that one of his American tragedies is that he was blamed for eating a cherry pie

its serious business

I swear to God, if it turns out Daichi and Sosugu don't actually kiss next episode because they're interrupted by some stupid bullshit, I'm dropping this show.

The kiss is in the title of the episode. If it doesn't happen, it's going to be one of the most terrible cases of bait-and-switch ever!

This show is a glorious mess, I love it.
Watch the finale just be a full episode of the fake romcom they use.

Not gonna lie, that'd be fucking amazing

I would unironically watch that show.

The young John Connor lookalike is voiced by Murase Ayumu, the go-to guy for perfect English speaking in anime, and Shimoji Shino, a native Okinawan.
The long skit is also loaded with references aside from obvious ones.

Also, adult Joseph and the Narrator is Joey TheAnimeMan on YouTube.

Ghostbusters, Final Fantasy XV

Also, Robocop (?) and Terminator in the arm wrestling scene, possibly more, I only realized those were cameos after it almost ended.

The male version also had a Daft Punk nod as well.

That was a spot-on parody of John Hughes films at the beginning of the episode! All of that coming-of-age introspection which results in the protagonist growing up to be Mayor Mike Haggar!

If the next episode isn't Popuko and Pipimi becoming Cody and Guy, we riot.

I believe the music and at least the Statue of Liberty were also a reference to the 80's American sitcom, Perfect Strangers.

everybody talking about the Girldrop kiss and here I am laughing myself into obliviion because of that Maguro rap sequence

This show gives me life

Three more weeks left.

This show will mark the end of my life

Your life will end in 3 weeks.


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