Monday, March 26, 2018

[Pop Team Epic] Episode 12 impressions

Episode 12

They truly were a pop team epic.

So we're some kind of.... Pop team epic?

Honestly, if this show had a Ghost Stories style dub (i.e., all original dialogue) that would be the perfect joke to put in this episode.

Eat shit! fall off your horse

That entire part was like a parody of really popular tropes in idol graduation ("sakura") songs

The finale was so shitty, I couldn't even tell if the second season announcement was a troll or not.
...Well played, Pop Team Epic, well played.

Are you upset?

I'm not upseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

Honestly, for a finale, it was wonderful IMO. Having a lot of distinct differences in both versions and a sorta overarching plot to the episode made this episode feel just as different than the others, if not more so. And the way they announced season 2 is honestly the cherry on top of a great, unique and downright hilarious anime.
God bless Pop Team Epic, its a damn masterpiece.

Also isn't basically the repeat of the episode a consequence of Popuko travelling back in time and re-doing everything to save Pipimi the second time around?

Goddamn I didn't think of that. Makes sense now, haha. I wonder when season 2 will air? I can't give an exact pinpointed time but I presume Summer or beyond that, I dunno.

This show was a blessing from the gods and the finale did it justice. A perfect 糞/10. I'm not even mad they didn't adapt Hambaga and the Living Toilet since there's gonna be a S2 (and Girldrop too!)
Unless ... they're trolling everyone ... and this was really it ...

Why doesn't Popuko just kill The Pipimi?

It is true what they say, Women are from Omicron Persei 7, men are from Omicron Persei 9.

You reminded me of a joke... so, Popuko and Pipimi are inside an asylum. And see, they want to escape. So they run for it. At the end they need to jump to a neighbouring building. Freedom is just there, one jump away. Pipimi jumps, and she lands safely! But Popuko doesn't want to jump, see, she's afraid. So Pipimi pops out a torch, turns it on, and tells Popuko she can just walk on the light beam and reach the other side safely.
Popuko says it's genius, takes one step and falls to her death.

Tokiomi & Kotomine try to destroy the Akastic Records to end the Grail Wars (And this anime) once and for all

ALSO, Guess what the new JoJo cameo is?


tfw Poputepipi is ahead of David Productions

Wait so are they fucking with us or is season 2 actually happening after all

[Semi-serious answer] The producer's said in an interview that it was pretty much a miracle Pop Team Epic happened the way it did at all, and it seems like everybody's...been scarred by the experience of making it.
Q. Are you going to do a second season or a movie?
No we won’t.
─ No hesitation there, huh…
Yeah. Well, it’s more like we’re trying our best just to get through these 3 months…
But on the other hand, this is Pop Team Epic, so it's impossible to say how deep the trolling goes. We could be looking at an actual Hoshiiro Girldrop S2 for all we know.

I'd much rather let Pop Team Epic be revered as a one off absurdist masterpiece.
Maybe a few OVAs here and there, but the best things know when to end.
I do need Hoshiiro Girls Drop tho.

Lol, he only made Pop Team Epic because he wanted to sell merchandise, it be hilarious if after he feels done with it it ends up being a commercial success in all regards and the company forces him to do a second season.

Having to produce another season of this incredibly shitty anime: truly a punishment worse than death.

He deserves such a fate for inflicting such shit on this world.


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