Sunday, March 18, 2018

[Pop Team Epic] Episode 11 impressions

Episode 11
"Cursed Mansion"

What the fuck just happened in Hoshiiro Girldrop.

A bit of CLANNAD.

And suddenly I seriously want Hoshiiro Girldrop to be real.

There's an actual manga of it.

Not really a manga, but an anthology.

Holy shit, Hoshiiro Girldrop just went to a 10/10. What the fuck? :o

Seriously though I hope the final episode is just the finale of Hoshiro Girl Drop.

That would be the best way to end this show. A full episode of Hoshiiro Girldrop and an after credit episode of Pop Team Epic.

That part with the guy reacting to the horror movie skit was amazing. Especially when he just started talking about something else.

An out of season watermelon? I knew that was suspicious!

All work and no shitposting make Popuko and Pipimi dull girls

All lame horror movie characters and no Popuko and Pipimi makes Cursed Mansion a dull segment.

Sosugu's death made me cry my eyes out, this finale is about to put me in the hospital

I swear if she dies this anime will be my first 1/10 in MAL.

The tree joke is a play on the Japanese homonyms ki 木, "tree," and ki 気, "feeling." The verb naru なる means "to become," so ki ni naru 木になる means "to become a tree." On the other hand, ki ni naru 気になる means "to become curious about something."

Man, the hidive subs for this show have been way better than Crunchyroll's. After reading your comment I went and watched the crunchy version and they just completely miss the pun. The hidive version kept the pun in that skit by having them say "intreegued" instead

It seemed like they were trying for a "would"/"wood" pun

Thanks for the clarification! I was watching the crunchyroll version and heard something resembling Chitanda's classic line and was wondering if there was a pun here, glad it was.

Really impressed with the intro. The horror segment was really well done. Man, Hoshiiro Grildrop took a turn I did not expect.

This episode goes head to head against episode 7, so fucking good. I lost it with the opening.
And fucking hell, I legit unironically want hoshiro girldrop to become a real anime.
Edit: what the fuck is the dude reacting to the ghost bit? What's the reference?

Apparently, he's a famous reaction video guy.

If it weren't for the main segment (Hellshake Yano is God Tier PTE material, while Cursed Mansion is easily one of the worst main segments in the series), then yeah I could see this episode go head to head with episode 7.

Yeah, it's hard to beat the main segment from episode 7, but the mini segments on this episode were great, especially the bobunemimimi.

WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED!? Where's my Love Comedy/Idol Anime!
This is why never judge an anime too hastily! Looking back at all previous episodes it seems that there are evidence scattered all over that this is how it will end. I don't think I can handle next week's ending T_T


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