Sunday, March 11, 2018

[Pop Team Epic] Episode 10 impressions

Episode 10
"Ginza Hostess Detective"

Ah, Nico and Umi making memes. Just like old times.

And Okuyasu too.

I usually only watch the second half because I think the show is funnier with the male voices but Nico is life so I guess I'll watch Part A this time

Why not watch both? By the way, the OP in Part B has a different audio, so at least watch that.

Because watching the same thing immediately twice in a row just isn't enjoyable to me. I did both parts for the first two episodes but it ended up just being a bit of a chore that lessened the impact of the jokes, so now I usually just skip straight to the OP of part B and start watching from there

My favorite joke this episode: Koyama's and Takagi's shared disbelief that this show had the balls to name their blantant Inspector Megure-ripoff "Detective Higure".

Can you explain that joke to me? Completely went over my head.
Edit: Is it just because megure and higure are very similar to each other, only changing first syllabus?

Megure is 目暮 and Higure is 日暮 in Japanese.

So one less drawer...

The VA's in the second half also played characters in Detective Conan which had a character that was named Inspector Megure. So naming the rip-off something so similar is pretty ballsy.

The seiyuu for Higure IS the seiyuu for Megure too LOL

ZA HANDO Spotted in Part B Pop Team Cooking Segment! This is not a drill! JoJoke detected! (it's also a seiyuu connection)

Don't forget part B OP was all a JOJO reference.

Detective Pipimi lmao. And that was probably the funniest Bobunemimimmi thus far. Loved seeing them go full JoJo with the OP in the second half too.
I can't believe they're separating Daichi and Sosogu after they finally kissed though. Pure cruelty.

Kamikaze Douga did create the JoJo OPs for parts 1-3, so it makes sense. Speaking of JoJo... OKUYASU IS PIPIMI THIS EPISODE!

Part B's OP really freaked me out during the first watch.

They went full JoJo with those sounds effects.

Glad I'm not the only one. I actually thought it sounded a bit off and turned up my volume right before the TV smash. Made me jump a little.

  • Part B was bizarre. but the OP remix was great
  • Pop Team Cooking went off the rails
  • Girldrop finale coming soon :(
  • It would be an amazing season finale if ended up being a full Girldrop episode

    I don't know why I actually like Girldrop, normally idol and slice of life stuff doesn't catch my attention but I'm enthralled at the end of every episode.

    It's especially weird when you consider that Girldrop is designed to be as generic as possible. Maybe that's why it's interesting. It's normal compared to the shit we just saw, it serves as a palate cleanser for the series.

    The contrast is what I love about PTE as a whole. You see this weird, insane and downright bizzare shit first and then all of a sudden, normal stuff. If they replaced the next or last episode with a full girl drop episode, then I would laugh.
    On another note, loved this weeks episode :)

    Daichi, how could you leave Sosogu behind, you bastard!

    Damn it seems like they're going for an Anime original ending...
    Well, that's to be expected since it only 12 episodes.

    It's a shame though. I was really hoping they would adapt the rest of the manga.


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