Wednesday, March 7, 2018

[Overlord II] Episode 9 impressions

Episode 9
"Soaring Sparks of Fire"

That transition to the ending was just 👌
I agree, that caught me by surprise had to go back and watch that again
Wild yandere appears!
Climb is screwed... That maid is screwed... Sebas is... well, he should be fine
Anybody that tries to harm Climb in anyway is gonna get screwed, in the negative sense.
Climb himself might be screwed, but in the positive sense.

Oh look, a bunch of dead guys.
I imagine the whole calling himself "The Undead King" isn't gonna go over well for that Lich guy.
Just imagine if any of the denizen of Nazarick heard him call himself "The Undead King". Oh boy it's going to get messy
"Picking locks is not one of my specialties."
Rips door off
Oh Sebas.
Don't mind me
"Excuse me, I've found a door. Is it yours ?"
Ooh next episode Sebas and Ainz moment gonna be goooooooooooood
I hope that Ainz realizes that Solution is just a huge bitch and that Sebas is a true Bro.
Solution just has the wrong idea of Ainz, shes seriously expecting Ainz to rage on Sebas for doing his thing, when Ainz is more eager to learn about their own motifs than anything. He's totally gonna be chill about it, and Solution will get flustered af.
This was too great
I'm just sad they have to skip his slaughter through the brothel. I was hoping for them to show at least one of those guys flying and exploding after hitting the wall.
Not strong enough to warrant a punch to the face. Not worthy enough to justify removing one's gloves. Just right to bitch-slap into submission.

We finally saw the princess' yandere side.

I thought the cut to the frame in the ED's slide show was a great way for them to express it too.

It's always the most innocent-looking ones that are the most twisted inside.

Twisted? No. She just expresses her love a little differently. Renner is a good girl


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