Wednesday, February 28, 2018

[Overlord II ] Episode 8 impressions

Episode 8
"A Boy's Feeling"

Sebas just explained the mechanics behind the power of love.
Didn't do shit for Zaryusu, and countless of others that fell to Nazarick.
He's lucky resurrection is a thing.
Hey, he said it could let the mind exceed the body. He didn't say it'd give you an 80-level boost.
Yeah, given the level difference they shouldn't have been able to take out the elder lich, even, so they definitely had something working in their favor.
Laykus unleashing her inner Chuuni was perfect. Now she just needs to meet pandora's actor.
She seems to be embarrassed by it, Pandora's Actor will teach her how to embrace it!
the hilarious part was a lot of people who read the english translation had no idea what chuuni was, and there was a ton of discussion about how powerful killneryam was and whether laykus would use it's full power. ;)
Well, that settles that! ;)
Facepalm why didn’t I think of chuunibyou when reading this?
Is because they were talking way too serious about it. And due to the item description, and the general tone of this series, it was completely possible that they were speaking the truth.
I think I knew what chuuni was at the time, but I didn't understand this was a case of it until watching just now.
To be fair, her teammates don't seem to get it either since they're living in a world where magic and curses are a very real threat. I think it's part of the joke that her adolescent fantasies are totally realistic in this medieval fantasy setting.
Exactly. Lakyus idolized heroic adventurers as a kid and now she is one. But she has an overactive imagination and she sometimes let's out her inner edgelord when she thinks no one is looking.
To be honest for some reason I actually believed that the sword was actually possessing her when I read that scene in the LN. So seeing her being a Chuuni in the anime actually came as a pleasant surprise to me. I guess I just tend to see things in a darker light due to the general tone of the series.
Honestly super interested in seeing how Ainz responds to this. I really doubt he expected Sebas to go vigilante on the population there.
He's close to touchme who's the creator of Sebas and Touchme saved Ainz when he was a noob in game so Ainz will understand Sebas in this situation
Plus Ainz is looking to see how the NPCs can develop outside of their original settings, so this could be the exact kind of growth Ainz was looking for
Just a reminder to everyone, she is an adamantite ranked world.
Yes, the highest ranked adventurer in this
And she's a chuunibyou.
And not only that, she is the strongest member of an adamantite ranked party, meaning she is one of the strong people in the kingdom. Not sure who between her and Gazef would win in a fight.
I don't think she is the strongest, Evileye should be tops.
This episode literally felt like 5 minutes long
Came here to write the same thing as well. It's like shit I'm enjoying it so god damn much it feels so short. I even watched the OP this time and it still felt short.
You have to also watch the ending, so then it feels 10 seconds longer, then rewatch every epic thing that happened.
22-ish minutes of this arc per week is very not enough ;-;
Only 13 episodes this season isn't enough >:|

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