Friday, March 30, 2018

[Overlord II] Episode 12 impressions

Episode 12
"The Final Battle of the Disturbance"

Damn mask hiding all those glorious Evileye expressions

Well, the light novel has an illustration at the start of this chapter.
LN spoilers maybe? (just Evileye and her thoughts)

Her thought bubble even pushed on Nabel cheek.

I liked Shalltear, but Evileye is very quickly becoming my best girl. I hope we get to see more of her in the final episode and of course in a 3rd season (yea right)

I agree, her reactions this episode were amazing, much better than I was expecting. My fav was when Momon asked to meet Lakyus and she freaked.

When you have someone to powerleveling your party on a end-game dungeon

Just waiting for everyone episode to go full

Leeeroy Jenkins!

"Slight bit stronger" lol, Zero hitting a giant boulder

Gotta give credit to Zero though. He's the only one in the Kingdom who can stain Sebas' trousers so far.

i love how they all talk big and all it takes is one attack

The big build up for Six Arms before Sebas instagibbed them in a second was amazing.

"slightly stronger"

Is that a Chinese meme?

As always the chinese are light years ahead in teh meme game

Omg, this picture is genius

It is such a joy seeing Momon bullshit his way through conversations.

constantly rolling nat 20s on bluff checks

Honestly, it's more like he's so over leveled that he has a +19 to bluff checks, so everything is a 20 or better to him.

however, all critical fails summon Pandora's Actor.

As soon as the monk started powering up, I knew it was over.

Assuming he ever had a chance

I at least expected 2-3 swings like in the OP. This was better.

I guess the backdoor Udyr build is the only viable one after all.

Truly a smile worth protecting

A whole new world ~ !

I knew Sebas buying that scroll had to play some role later in the story.

The most perfect Chekovs gun ever.
(Although it isn’t actually the same spell since the floating board spell is too shit to do this(50kg limit and slow), the spell used in the scene is just [fly] on the board they are on)

13 episodes feel too short for overlord.

Legit, these seasons need to be 2 cour.


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