Thursday, March 22, 2018

[Overlord II] Episode 11 impressions

Episode 11

I actually wondered what the outcome of the fight would be, a first for Overlord.
I never thought Entoma would die, but we know the maids are not that overpowered compared to the floor guardians. Gagaran and Tina, although plenty strong for adventurers, were fair game. I was surprised that I was rooting for their survival, specially Gagaran's.
The extent of Evileye power was also a surprise. Even if she had assistance and even if Entoma seems weaker than Nabe, beating a member of the Pleiades maids is no small feat. Evileye might be the strongest non-Nazarickian we've seen.
When Demiurge arrives though, all hope would be lost if it weren't for Ains Momon.

To be fair, EvilEye had specialized insecticide magic. If not for that it would have been a different fight.

Yep, her ice spells were completely useless.

Evileye uses crystal magic, which is a subset of earth magic. She's hyperspecialized in that very narrow field.

Entoma is also considered one of the weaker maids combat wise. Compare her Narberal Gamma (Nabe who works with Momon) who is a level 9 caster for example.
Add to that she ran into her(?) exact counter.

Entoma's level 51. Narberal's level 63.
My memory puts Gagaran and Tina in the 30s, which puts Evileye at a pretty high level of power.

I think Blue Rose members are high 20s. Gazef who is stronger, is probably low 30s. Evil-eye is probably around Entoma's level, but her Vermin Bane is a game changer.

I see Sebas has mastered the Normal Punch.

Serious Series: Normal Punch
Never insult Ainz-sama.

In the LN he killed the lady so fast that she didn't even realize that she was dead and her attack remained active after her decapitation. When she saw her own body she actually thought that she was under some kind of illusion magic.

Yeah, actions like those are one of my favorite in anime. Where they're attacked so fast and then they laugh, only to NANI as their head starts falling off/apart.

Now this... THIS WAS AMAZING!!!
They are really putting more effort in this final episodes, Entoma's VA was ON POINT all the time, her true face was cool here but... the face so bin gave her in the LN was way more unnsetting, for reference.
Entomancer is such a cool job concept for an RPG, kinda like summoner and Evileye is wrong, who wouldn't want an insect like maid to look after you? Well... unless you have insectophobia.
Next weel couldn't seem more far, MOMON VS JALDABAOTH!!!
EDIT: Evileye, not Gagaran.

I need a fucking time machine I cannot wait to next Tuesday this episode was awsome

The biggest problem with Overlord is that it ends too quickly. (ಥ_ʖಥ)

And also the fact that it is only 13 episodes instead of 24-26.

ridiculous and other animes don't worth to mention here, get 26 ep easily

This episode was so good, I was afraid they'd focus more on Sebas, but praise Ainz we got best girl instead. All is good in the world!!

Exactly they showed him knocking their heads off and that's all we needed to see lol next episode is about to be amazing

That fool dared to call himself the Undead King, also easiest fight ever, dammmm Sebas

call urself undead king to die instantly

im the undead king

been 31 minutes since last comment, hes dead guys

only 2 more episodes for this season :(

On the bright side, they'll the best ones so far!

I found myself thoroughly enjoying Sebas destroying the Fingers RIGHT after they introduced themselves as if their the final boss.
I've said it once and I'll say it again, this is basically NG+ with all your end game abilities intact and one-shoting the supposed story bosses with laughable ease.


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