Wednesday, March 14, 2018

[Over lord II] Episode 10 impressions

Episode 10
"Disturbance Begins in the Royal Capital"

I did think that the "GREATER TELEPORTATION!" was a bit too flashy for Ainz.

Then there's the slip when he started saying "SUPREME BEINGS".

It was, and right after that you see the surprise of Sebas, Tuare, and Solution - but not Demiurge or Cocytus, who would be aware of the subterfuge.

Man this episode literally covered everything I thought it would cover to make time and god damn did it go fast. Seeing the Lord freak out at marrying his son then instantly calming down to make time for the episode was hilarious.
Like I actually said to myself they gotta cover the Ainz scene, the second Ainz scene, the princess scene and the kidnapping to have time for the rest of the arc and they uh did it somehow.

Yeah, that part was weird.
*Green sparklers calming him invisibly*
"k, whatevs, what we talk next"

They did it by going FUCKING FAST. I understand at a decent pace but this felt extremely rushed just to fit in next parts. Really upset because the ainz v Sebas was one of my most looked forward looked moment because of how tense they could have made it

Reading it, it was a lot of talking and I guessed that it would turn out like the scene with Cocytus a few episodes ago. They did skip dialogue that made things spicy but the general message got across.

Just means we get more best girl Entoma time next episode.

Ains and Demiurge holding Victim is just too adorable

My flying aborted fetus can't be this cute

Is it wrong to pick up fetuses in Nazarick?

The pink fetuses is right one, as I expected.

That hearty laugh from Ainz was pretty unexpected, shame his body inhibited such an act so it didn't last long.
Also, holy fucking shit Renner went from 5-100000 in terms of batshit crazy with her conversation about loving Climb and what she plans to do with him in the future legitimately gives me the creeps.

I get a little miffed every time his body shuts down his "human" emotional outbursts. I always felt that was a bit of a copout, since it could be a good bit of conflict for Ainz, showing him try to put on the implacable lord face in front of his subjects while holding back his human side.

Tsuare being that one adventurer from S1, Ninya’s, sister is pretty great. Kinda feels like closure after she was killed without any more explanation of her backstory.

Ah so it was Ninya, now I understand everything.

I remember well in the first season that Ninya mentioned her sister, and when she was killed I thought that it was a shame that the secondary quest was dropped. I did not expect it to be relevant again and get closure now ! I love it, by the way - unfulfilled quests make me uncomfortable.

"humans r dum", says the woman who has a room full of plushies in the likeness of a spooky skeleton man.
And Renner is even more mental than I could have ever imagined just by watching last week's ending scene.

"Your husbando is trash."
"REEEEEEEEEEE" - monster girl

And so Ainz said to his servant:
"Now I know that you fear me, for you have not withheld from me even your waifu. I shall take her into my care and make her a maid like none other, to be coveted by all fanboys."
Sebas rejoiced, and gave unto Tsuare many headpats.
-Nazarick 2:10

On the second hour of the day of acceptance, did the Supreme Being find out that he had been slighted. In his fury he did naught but speak one thought.
"Kill them all."
-Nazarick 2:11

After the fury of the Supreme Being was stilled he was granted with enlightment and ushered the Order:
"Let the girl live so she may spread the word of what is to come to all who dont follow my will"

-Nazarick 2:12

Damn it was cool to see Sebas sweat, never seen a guardian be intimidated like that.

I love the different scenes where different characters are feeling intimidated by Ainz and start having panic attacks, and then inside his head he's just like "ahhhhh, shit, what do I say. If I say something lame they'll figure out I'm faking and don't know anything".

he is king of "fake it till you make it"


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