Wednesday, March 14, 2018

[Osomkatsu-san 2] Episode 23 impressions [Mr. Osomatsu]

Episode 23
"The Late Night Himatsuya"
"Dayon and Dayon"
"Iyami-san is Troubled"

Decent episode. Iyami speaking normally was hilarious.
Hope the last two episodes are fantastic, because they're likely the last episodes we'll have for a while, if at all.

I think it’s kind of ironic how Iyami was the one complaining that he doesn’t fit in the show when he had one of the best episodes of the season, if not the whole series. Then again, that was an alternate Iyami, and not “our” Iyami, so maybe that’s why they don’t know about it.
The sextuplets talking about their dream jobs, and then giving up hope was so sad. This was just a bleak episode overall.
The producer character reminding us that we only have two episodes left makes me sad too. I don’t care what people have said about this season, I’m really gonna miss this show when it’s gone. :’(

To be fair, that episode was based off a story from the original manga which was itself ripped from a Chaplin film.

I'm surprised that I actually enjoyed the Dayon episode. I'm impressed to know that Dayon can actually be a calm, normal, reliable, responsible person who's good at his job. It was pretty wholesome, until the end reveal.
I really don't want this anime to end. :(

Iyami part was so meta

I was thinking on the "Dayon & Dayon" skit that Dayon #2 was like the old Dayon from Osomatsu-kun (80's and earlier).
I find it amusing to hear the sextuplets banter, especially if it gets strange.
Bonus: Officer "One-eye" from Tensai Bakabon has a brief cameo, but looks like two eyes.

I actually think Iyami fits in pretty well. I like him in the straight man role, in part because he's so over the top in speech and character design. It's like "If a guy like Iyami thinks something is ridiculous, it must be really ridiculous."
I'm less partial to Dayon, but he has his moments.

That "President" line is too meta....considering the man who voices Iyami

This was actually one of my favorite episodes of the 2nd season, I really love when the show comments on itself so directly. Also I loved both Late Night Himatsuya skits. It definitely captured the feeling of trying to string out a night of drinking that really should have ended hours ago, especially "It's seriously over if we start talking about space."


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