Wednesday, March 28, 2018

[Osomatsu-san 2] Episode 25 impressions

Episode 25
"Mr. Osomatsu in Hell"

Well that ending alright

Amazing series, and a proper final episode, makes me think we're not getting a 3rd season.
Still, what a ride so far.

Post credits, we get a “see you again sometime.”

Another 1-1/2 year wait maybe?

Yes. Then we can get Osomatsu-kun, where it follows them at their shitty jobs and introduces new characters in their coworkers.

This might be the point, but isn't that the name of the original series when they were all school kids still?

Yeah, maybe Osomatsu-sama is when they have shitty jobs but are still virgins.

To me, it felt like the opposite. I was worried throughout the season that the creators had given up on the show, that they didn’t like it anymore. But this gave me hope that not only do they still love the show, but that we’ll see them again. Maybe not as a Season 3, but maybe as an OVA or a movie or something. Yeah, maybe I’m being too optimistic, but don’t think we’re done with these guys yet. XD

The last episode literally saved the whole show, given that the last 2 episodes are getting more serious and less funny. It basically showed off everything that made Osomatsu-kun very fun to watch.

That was a proper ending.

They did it properly.

The final fight bringing back many minor characters from older episodes reminds me of Gintama's current season doing the same thing!

It's one of my favourite tropes. I love it so much.

After how cynical this entire season felt, seeing the characters WANTING to come back and keep going with their lives felt so hopeful and optimistic, it made me so happy. :’D

That was a properly insane ending. No baseball, but literal hell.
The second season wasn't quite as fantastic as the first, but it still had a lot of hilarious episodes. I wouldn't mind getting a third season a couple of years down the line.
So you know, please buy the BDs fujos. We need you.

There actually was a little baseball while they were in hell.

I think the jokes got naturally weak in this second season, but still very enjoyable and one of best comedy of the last year.
But why they couldn't show "Juushimatsu's Girlfriend" face in the backgroung at the funeral? Is not like they have to pay the seiyuu for that i think.

One of the best episodes, packed with everything you could want from an Osomatsu season. Interesting character moments, solid action sequences, a little bit of sadness, a peppering of cynicism, interMatsu fighting, Iyami selfishness, wanton violence, and side characters galore. It shows that in the end, no matter how much they might resent them, the show’s characters need the Matsus in their lives. This wasn’t as hilarious as the S1 finale, but it managed to be deeper and more satisfying nonetheless.

The finale was I expected: crazy! I felt trolled because I really thought the boys went on that treasure hunt with Iyami. Later on, did I see Jyushimatsu xxxxxxxxxx again?
It always seems the bookends of a season were most entertaining to watch.

This season had some good episodes, and that was a great ending. Maybe I didn't quite enjoy this season as much as the first, but I'll definitively miss not having this show to look forward to on Mondays.

As hilarious as it was watching them not being able to come up with any good deeds because they're all terrible people, it was also kind of sad because there are actual examples of them being good people throughout the show, like ichimatsu feeding stray cats and jyushimatsu hanging out with eitarou-kun.

Also, in Ichimatsu's defense, while he should have been trying harder, he does clearly have some issues with anxiety. When it looked like he might become the main character, he drove off a cliff... And his poor heart is labeled "fragile."

Please let there be something more of this anime. I just finished watching it and my heart already hurts. I love these 6 assholes way too much. Seeing every single one of those supporting characters help them get out of hell was just so touching to me, even though they exploded back into life in their already decayed bodies. It was so great. The first opening came back just like in the space baseball scene on S1, and just like in S1 they concluded it with baseball. F6 and their mecha was something I sure as hell wasn't expecting. Even Akatsuka-sensei, dude. I need more of this anime in my life. Now that my Matsu Mondays are over I don't know what to do with myself

Oh, so Sanematsu did die at the end of his segment after all. :(
Great final episode and a good season as a whole, even if it's weaker than the first. Can't wait to see if they'll announce a third season.


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