Wednesday, March 21, 2018

[Osomatsu-san 2] Episode 24 impressions

Eisode 24
"Cherry Blossoms"

Oh man, I have no idea if they're going to pull a Season 1 finale or actually continue with this story line. This episode was actually really engaging and well directed. I wouldn't mind if they pulled a 180 provided there was gonna be a third season, but if they really decide to finish Osomatsu-san this season I'd really like a proper conclusion.

Oh, jeez I forgot that 24 into 25 of season one was basically this episode into the crazy baseball episode. They're totally going to pull it again.

There were so many great things about this episode. The scene when Osomatsu returns home and the house is completely quiet was especially striking. I really have no idea how they'll bring closure to this storyline next episode. However, no matter what happens, it's been a lot of fun to see all these characters again, and I'll be hoping for the possibility of more of this show in the future.

Fuck you they're all gonna be fapping in the next episode.
That stuff with the dad hit me pretty hard. This episode was too relate-able.

this anime is criminally under-watched, let's hope for a great season finale next week

Felt sort of like depression in anime form. Not sad or anything, just...empty.

I love how the sudden strangeness of Iyami and co. is so jarring compared to the normalized Osomatsu.

This episode got too real

The house being empty really hit it hard.

I loooooove the more serious episodes. I don't get to see my family as often anymore so I related to this one. I do hope they continue the storyline next episode but it will probably be something completely off the wall like season 1.
Did Karamatsu get a job too or is he just hanging out with some bikers lol.

I'm pretty sure they're gonna do violent baseball against an intergalactic high school again. It's the Matsuno way.

feel like this was maybe a little too similar to episode 24 of the first season. It was definitely interesting and well-directed, but I dunno. The weird, empty feeling of having the brothers actually get jobs and start living normal lives is something we've already seen before. I'm curious to see if this goes anywhere, or if they just troll us again.


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