Wednesday, March 7, 2018

[Osomatsu-san 2] Episode 22 impressions

Episode 22
"Overseas Vacation"

Such a great episode. I love this over the top ridiculousness and that Dragon Ball parody fight was hype af

Fantastic episode! This is exactly the type of episode I've been waiting for. Original plot, great references, straying outside of the show's formula, every character used well, good animation, a stupid freaking punchline at the end (one-ply). Perfect. Osomatsu at its finest.
Dayon and Iyami being next week's central characters has me a little worried, since I feel like they've been too prominent this season for the weaker episodes (except Iyami Alone In The Wind, which will forever be an exception for Iyami for me).

Now that's what the fuck I'm talking about.

Hope we get Permatsu for Fighter Z or at least Xenoverse.

the freaking soundtrack during the big fight

Had some real Nier vibes at the end

We DBZ now.

So much references, this episode better not get pulled like the first season episode. Uh uh. Not again. Nope.

Solid episode. Matsusion gave me goose bumps and Permatsu was fucking hype!

I never knew I needed a Jyushimatsu Field of Dreams parody until now.

Having never seen that movie and because the rest were anime-ish references, I took it as possibly a Fate reference, particularly Iskandar's reality marble.

What was giant dayo referencing.gave me memories of this anime where some island villagers sacrifice themselves to summon a giant monster,it was in the early 00s.Anyone?


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