Thursday, March 1, 2018

Netflix's Anime Director Says The Company Is Ready To Commit To Anime [Everyone's impressions]

Netflix Director Says The Company Is Ready To Commit To Anime

The days of anime being a niche medium are fading. Decades ago, the only way fans could get their hands on anime was to find bootleg VHS copies with questionable subtitles. These days, there are streaming sites dedicated to the medium while programs like Toonami air anime on cable.

The language is in this interview is very specific. I think they'll continue to acquire anime for Japan, but for U.S. and globally they will fund their own anime so they don't have to buy liscences. This is how they're approaching every other industry it seems.

Considering how they've been losing rights to movies left and right, it kind of makes sense for their long term survival to transition into content creators.

To be honest I think they've successfully managed it already.
They release enough of their own new content I want to watch that it's not worth my time unsubscribing for the odd months where I'm not watching much.

Yep. As an anime fan. The Seven Deadly Sins and Kakeguri were pretty damn good!

Don’t forget about Castlevania! They only came out with four episodes for the first season. It preformed so good the first day it came onto Netflix that they renewed it for a second season!

Well considering everyone knows streaming is the new way to go yeah. I just hope it doesn't become like cable TV where we need to buy 4 different things just to watch something.

Yeah, so long as I can keep my subscriptions down to Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Amazon Prime I'll...
Well damn

It does suck but to it's benefit you can at least choose what you want, it's not like you're paying for a "Streaming" package and get Netflix, Hulu, CR, Amazon. You've chosen them because you like their offerings. I see it like being able to buy specific channels on cable.

Just give us the Berserk adaptation we deserve.

That's what being a fan of Berserk is all about! Endless pain and misery from bad adaptions!

And boats. Don’t forget about boats.

Nobody forgets the boat.

HxH has reminded me how harsh of a mistress boats are. They got on a boat a little while ago and last I read they’re barely a few days off from port so no way will they be getting off anytime soon.....

So we are gonna get the heavy requested season 2 of Nichijou?

Fixed that for you since we all know that Pop Team Epic is already Season 2 of Nichijou ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Now commit to simulcasts in the US you fucks

Can I also tell those fuck to commit to their international libraries aswell?

Yeah! The reason I love Netflix exclusives is because they have been looking for world licenses and world dubs. I can rewatch the anime on Netflix later, they are giving dub companies more work which is great.

Are they trying to compete with Crunchyroll or be a secondary service with original content?


Is that something they can sustain?
I was under the impression CR (and Funamation) had more industry pull.... Can Netflix throw its weight around enough to both acquire and create?

Licenses are always going to be a nasty market. Netflix will probably keep signing new contracts as their old ones expire. So once One Punch Man expires we'll probably get another license to replace it. They don't necessarily have to directly compete with Crunchyroll. Netflix just needs to give people a reason to spend money on their subscription. And that's where the exclusive original content comes into play. Crunchyroll already plays the rotation game with licenses but they don't have Netflix's billions of dollars to throw around for original content. I think slowly CR will lose its edge over time.

So basically the guy who makes anime said he's ready to make anime? Ya I'd hope so, if someone else from Netflix said this maybe it would hold some weight

He is a representative of Netflix, and if someone is going to talk about anime, it's probably going to be their anime director.
I think he sounded pretty ambitious. "The producer admits Netflix will not be able to support every studio in Japan, but"


Would you need a reboot? I haven't seen it, but I heard it deviates from manga story in last 3 episodes.

They could use the blue exorcist route. Start from where the anime deviated and move on from there


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