Sunday, March 4, 2018

[Nanatsu no Taizai] Episode 8 impressions [The Seven Deadly Sins]


Episode 8
"The Druids' Holy Land"

Meliodas: "Bring on the trial"
As soon as he sees Liz
Meliodas: "I've made a terrible mistake"

Definitely not the kind of "pain" he expected, I'm sure.

Another good episode. These recent episodes are VERY well paced. Probably going for 3 chapters per episode. Since Monspeet is one of my favorite commandments, I enjoyed seeing a little of his power animated.

god I cant wait to see the sun animated.

anime-only here and my expectactions are at an all time high! there's so much hype surrounding this sun dood.

You're in for a ride. I'm not going to spoil anything, but he is my favorite character in the entire show.

Hype! Meliodas getting his power back. What I remember from the manga, these chapters were painful to read but also incredibly interesting because this was the first time we got more backstory on Liz and Danafor.

Matrona is alive? Damn, I did not expect this. And Hawk Mama being badass all of the sudden?
I wonder what this trial is going to be about. I've got a premonition that Liz will die again...

I think it's not matrona maybe it's her fat friend after accepting to fight and training for the last 10 years.. I could be wrong but I just feel like it

She looks cuter so maybe a daughter? But it's been only 10 years so I can't come up with any other person suddenly looking like Matrona but Matrona herself.

I think it's just the bangs grown out compared to the flashback not being there honestly.

I've been really liking how the villains are not messing around when trying to test or kill the main characters -- especially Garland. There's little to no talking and more of what you'd expect for enemies that are vastly more powerful than everyone else. Interesting antagonists make or break shounens for me and I've been enjoying the ten commandments so far.

That pig is too OP.
That ending, looks like Meliodas will have to go through a very painful experience to recover his power q_q

Mama Hawk for Sin no. 8

Man, that pig is OP. Seems like Meliodas has a type of girl and now the suffering starts again.
I think it would be interesting if they put him though some Re:Zero shit, he everytime would try to save Liz and only would get his power back when he accepted her death.

who needs meliodas when you can just consult the sun

The sun isn't consistent. It rises during the morning and sets during the afternoon.


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