Sunday, March 25, 2018

[Nanatsu no Taizai] Episode 11 impressions [The Seven Deadly Sins]

Episode 11
"Father and Son"

I had no idea ban was in his 40s, thought he was like 25-30 max, I wonder what was the deal with King's wings, maybe he ripped them out and after the Meliodas's counter they will grow back.
Pretty cool episode after all.

Ban become immortal around 20 years ago and 5 years after that the 7DS were formed.

Theory: Meliodas full countering King's "Status Promotion" will promote King's status as a Fairy King. It was made clear this episode that his power can be used not only for evil (worsening wounds) but also for good (raising trees). I wonder if Meliodas planned for this or if he just attempted to defend himself there.

Yeah, I like that theory cause we also saw King had a pain in his back before Meliodas went to say hi to the Commandments.

I didn’t really care for the Meliodas and King conflict but the action was still decent.
Meliodas has become op now. Poor Galan got completely destroyed!
Jericho has become really adorable these past few episodes

I liked the lil Ban flashback -- it really explains why he was looking for the fountain an all that and flesh him out full circle a lil bit. Bans sidekick chick(shh Im bad w names) getting jealous was kinda adorable, then she got all flustered. lol
Meliodas is officially op I guess?
But I uhh didnt see King w/ wings coming.


He definitely should watch Seven Deadly Schmucks, won't ever forget about her name for sure.

Damn king became so much stronger in 1 epsiode, howly cow

It seems like he was always that strong, he’s just been underplayed apparently.

King was always at the top of the 7Sins powerwise. I would put him in the top 3 with the first two spots already taken and no way of him overpowering them.

I remember them hinting that King is one of the most powerful ones somewhere during the first season.

Cause he kept his sacred spear/cushion weapon thing wasn't it though?
He was unarmed in there.
Might be wrong though.

Is nobody talking about the zombie or what the fairy guardian felt? Those are gonna be huge and I feel they could be related?

With the fairy guardian in the preview, we'll probably deal with what she felt next week.

did you notice king feeling a little bit of backpain after the fight with meliodas? was that the "damage" he took from when meliodas used full counter on him? what did they try to show us with that? or will something related to this happen later?

thought it might be his wings growing/regenerating

You're right. That ability king uses speeds up a process. So when he was bleeding, it progressed the bleeding and he bled in seconds what he would in hours. I guess he was slowly growing back the wings, but since there was a full counter the process was sped up and that was painful. However it was only on one side which is curious.

Meliodas and king conflict seems pretty forced, so not a huge fan but w/e. I’m interested in how he concentrated his demonic power into that orb for a moment, pretty obvious that will play some kind of roll in the future.
The stuff with Ban, zhivago and jericho was really good again as expected.
That greeting he gave to the 10 commandments was fantastic.
Can’t wait to see the final sin, hopefully it’s soon.

At the beginning of the fight they are told to pick a gem to start the battle. Meliodas touches a gem and then the conflict starts. All the gems disappear. Meliodas gained some ability from it so the chamber worked successfully. But yeah, I guess that was the weakest part.

Do they explain why Zhivago didn't go back to Ban after he found his dead son?

I would say he's too ashamed to face him with all that guilt

Just like Ban is now with Mel. That was the main topic in the talk between the two.


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