Saturday, March 17, 2018

[Nanatsu no Taizai] Episode 10 impressions [The Seven Deadly Sins]

Episode 10
"What We Lacked"

"You were my ideal father".
Holy shit the feels

That surprised me, I thought Ban wasn`t going to tell Zhivago for some reason, but the feels were A1.

When he started crying, so did I. Ahhh

They really fuckin nailed Zhivago's expression and panic when he has to choose between his own and Ban. Zhivago feels are real.

Yeah that was fucking amazing. I was prepared to hate him but they really showed how fucked up of a decision he had to make and how hard it was and difficult that I just understood him. You have to choose someone because choosing neither kills both. So he chose. Im also glad that they didnt decide to make some bullshit drama from it (cough cough Diane) and that Ban was actually consistent and accepted it with cold head and a big heart. Thats a really big plus for Ban in my heart.

This was a fkin nice episode. I cant wait for next week.

I'm loving the backstory tidbits. They give you enough to understand where the character comes from, and why they act the way they do, but do not force you to sit through monologues of it like in other series.

Actually kind of glad that they didn't have Ban eat the food he vomited on the floor after his father punched him in the gut like in the manga...that bit rubbed me the wrong way then as well.
Pretty good episode tho. They're doing very well with the season so far, outside of some slightly shoddy pacing during the Matrona flashback a couple episodes ago. Looking forward to the stuff that will unfold in the remaining episodes

Were the uses of "fucking" in the fan subs correct here? Or was it a case of the translators trying to be too edgy? (happens sometimes)
I think it fit during the kid Ban scenes, but Hawk was just running away and said it randomly so IDK.

For kid Ban it's on purpose since all he's known was his piece of shit father who's been cussing like a sailor 24/7 himself. Basically, Ban only ever got shit on by the adults around him and that's why he doesn't know any better than to treat Zhivago how he does when they first meet.
Hawk...iunno. But I thought it was funny tbh :p

The uses of "Fucking" were incorrect, was just translators being edgy but it gets the point across I guess.

I bet Ban's power up will be that he will be able become a Werefox. Can anyone spoil me if I'm right or wrong?

If you were up to date you'd understand how funny this is to read

being loli ban is suffering.
a bit dumb that fairy guy is distrusting meliodas after him being his captain for like 10 years or whatever.

see what you're saying, but at the same time Meliodas could stop beating around the bush and give him friends some damn answers about his demon powers. It always annoyed me in S1 how they didn't address the topic.

Wow that first part hit me like a truck, god damn :(

This series uses music so well. The music amplifies the emotion and really hits the feels when watching young Ban and Zhivago.

Gaaaaadamn those feels. Really happy Ban revealed who he was so Zhivago could get that closure.
Will be interesting to see if Meliodas slaps King around quickly, or kinda just lets King wail on him a bit so he can get his angst out.


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