Monday, March 5, 2018

[Mitsuboshi Colors] Episode 9 impressions [Three Star Colors]

Episode 9
"One-Coin Sat-chan"


When will Kotoha's suffering end?
I find it sweet that Colors and Nonoka are confident about Pops being around and healthy in ten years
When she gets good at never.
It is very interesting how they were doubting everything. The police station and Saito, the tree. But there was no doubt about pops sticking aroung for another ten years
This is actually pretty touching, Sacchan. Pops so far has been a huge part of their childhood so if there's anyone in that neighborhood that they'll never forget it will definitely be him and maybe Saito
Yeah but they will definitely defeat Saito sometimes in the next 10 years.
But if they defeat Saito, Colors won't have any enemies left. That is, until the dark lord comes.
I love how Yui is the most precious and purest of them all and still destroys Kotoha on a regular basis.
Speaking of precious, Chibi Nonoka was so kawaii.
The time capsule idea was pretty sweet, and yet it's also a sobering reminder that Yui, Kotoha, and Sat-chan will eventually grow out of childhood. But for now, it's time for them to have fun every day.
And that Pops will one day grow old and... uhmm nevermind. It's too early in the morning for that kind of thought.
"There's no law saying you can't make a first visit more than once." - I just love their logic.
Yui with her hair down is the cutest Yui so far
I love that Pops is so used to just giving them stuff that he's shocked when they offer to pay.
Man, Pops is the best. He's always encouraging and enabling the Colors. Even when he stops them from doing something bad, like running around and taking panty shots, he doesn't just shut them down, he steers them in a different direction and lets them keep going.
But most importantly, he's willing to bare-handed catch a spit-covered coin to make Sat-chan smile. Keep on trucking for ten more years and beyond, big guy.
Colors might be the heroes for the town, but Pops is the hero for Colors!
I would actually really like it if the show ends with an epilogue of them opening the time capsule in ten years, that would be sweet
Strange that Yui did not cry at the moment, but she is so cute here, yeah.
How great would it have been to see the girls 10 years into the future...
I really love the relationship between Pops and the Colors, it's just always nice to see :)
yui will be the student council president at an all girls boarding school
sacchan will be a dorky tomboy who's in love with her senpai on the track team
and kotoha will be living in a padded 4x4 having been driven insane by yui's relentless teasing
Hmm... I prefer the version where they become yakuzas ! Kotoha's got to evacuate that frustration that Yui games built up, right ?
I need this fanart now.
One frame colonel is looking at Sat-chan with the tin can, the next frame he's gone.....
You sure are a mystery colonel.

Colonel is a ninja confirmed
I like how Flying Witch was mentioned in the previous episode's discussion thread, and today we get a cat-following chapter.
That’s exactly what I tought haha How I love this anime :)
PS. Flying Witch S2 when? :(



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