Tuesday, March 27, 2018

[Mitsuboshi Colors] Episode 12 impressions

Episode 12
"Colors, the Town, and the People"

It feels really fitting to have the show end with them sleeping
This was a really nice thing to do for the salaryman even though they actually wanted to sell him strawberries. It definitely made him feel better.
I like how some of the more obscure cast show up again for the last episode, the thugs, the high school girls who played zombie. Overall, just a fun show and genuinely had a blast through it all
≫It feels really fitting to have the show end with them sleeping
Turns out the Colors are at their most behaved when they're asleep. And Saito would prefer it that way.
I could still see him walking up to this scene and telling them "you can't sleep here, GTFO"
he values peace and quite too much
nice thing to do for the salary unemployed man?
they took his last 500 yen! talk about kicking a guy while he's down.
Well, at least he got some great strawberries out of the deal
It was really a nice way to give a sense of community and interactions between the Colors and the town to show all those background characters being sold strawberries.
they weren't thugs, they were hosts
Yui's reaction while Sacchan and her mom won't stop complimenting each killed me XD
What a perfect way to wrap up this show's season. Colors making a video about themselves and Ueno, playing at the playground, going around the park selling strawberries to people, and just basically our three lovable kids being kids.
Overall I enjoyed this show! It was fun watching Yui, Sacchan, and Kotoha being kids that act their own age. Also this show strangely activated my paternal instincts, I just want to watch over these kids and see them enjoy their childhood!
Anyway I'm really hoping for season 2 but if there aren't plans for a follow up at least the manga is still on-going for anyone who still wants to follow Colors and their adventures! I'm giving this one my personal score of 9/10 on MAL.
That reaction + Kotoha zooming in on the fact = Yui is having some sort of traumatic flashback here.
I think it's more like Yui's fully zoned out as she's bored of this back and forth compliments between mother and daughter. Especially when it's average Sacchan.
Kotoha has brilliant comedic timing with the slow zoom in on Yui blankface.
One of my friends introduced me to Ichigo Mashimaro and it amuses me the same way Mitsuboshi Colors does.
I have seen that recommended by Digibro in particular, it is on my to-watch list already.
On this day we were blessed with an insert song and a full ED. I'm going to miss this show so much.
when you're tired of your friend's shit so much you ended up being drawn better than her
I think it's an approximation of depth of field to simulate the autofocus of the video camera. But it really enhanced Yui's reaction.
It really baffled me how much the Colors actually acted like kids at that age. There were no major coherent plots, they were just trying to have the most fun. But isn't that exactly what one does at that age?
I really enjoyed this show, and i quickly got in the habit of being instantly happier when i saw the intro roll over the screen.
This show will be missed.
This episode adapted Chapters 31, 23, 12, and 11!
In total, the anime adapted Chapters 1-32, and there are currently 36 translated!
They sure managed to cram a lot for a finale. But I also liked how they didn't stick to a number of chapters to squish in into an episode. The pacing has been consistently good and keeps the focus at the Colors at their best.
Aren't there only 35 translated because they seem to have missed out Chp.30 (which was adapted in Ep.7)?
Also Vol.5 was released last month so hopefully the translators are working on Chp.37-43
30 isn't translated, yeah, but I'm counting it. No clue how they could've missed it, though.
I've been busy with other things, so have yet to release 30. Starting work on the new volume so I'll get it out soon.
I love these scammers
Biggest surprise of the season for me. It was great and i will miss them.
And teasing a continuation without an announcement is horrible!


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