Tuesday, March 20, 2018

[Mitsuboshi Colors] Episode 11 impressions [Three Star Colors]

Episode 11
"Hyper Hide and Seek"

TFW you get beaten up (and defeated) by a trio of elementary school girls. I foresee a lot of visits to the school counsellor when Kotoha grows up.
It's the last episode next week, time really flies when you're having fun.
Kotoha is going to be a psycho as she gets older. Only hope for them is Yui
Does this look like the face of mercy ?
Man, I always end every episode of this show with a big grin on my face, it's just too much fun to watch. Sadly there's only 1 episode left, but this has definitely been my favourite anime of this season surprisingly.
Yeah, time really flies
knew the Colors gang where a menace! Now they're assaulting young high school(?) girls in broad day light. They must be stopped!
Gestapo pictured publicly interrogating a Dutch civilian for the location of a Jewish hideaway (1939) (Mitsuboshi Colourised)
That's what she gets for not "believing" in pollen allergies.
Kotoha, that's not how you stop sneezes
Poor Nono-chan, gets hit over and over and then gets called a liar. Love how Yui takes hyper hide and seek so seriously and gets pissed off at Saito for telling her where Kotoha and Satchan are
No spoilers!
What a violent episode, first the poor Nono, next the innocent trees and in the end, one of their own. The Colors are becoming too dangerous!
Their outfits don't get enough love, they always look so cute but so different at the same time <3
As someone who gets hay fever I feel for Nonoka...not looking forward to pollen season :(
Always nice to see best girl <3
Saitoh is going to be Sacchan's new daddy.
Kotoha is the one with hats, Yui with her hairstyle, and the cute (?) Sacchan
Saito really is the worst.
Fuckin' Saito, let's hope that the Colors defeat him next episode.
Almost the last episode and he finally managed to defeat the Colors.
This is my favorite show this season. Gonna miss these girls once the show is over :(
lol such a violent episode, poor Sat-chan, can't breathe in her disguise then gets beaten by Kotoha. And Saito low key lurking Sat-chans mom, naughty boy
Penultimate episode, I don't know how to feel, happy that I got to see such a cute show, sad that it won't be airing for much longer. This is a straight 10/10 for me, what about you guys?
By the way of how stingy I rate shows I'll give it a 8/10 which would place it really high in my list.
This season is remarkable to me because the surprises all overshadow all the shows I expected I would like most.
Not one episode has failed to make me laugh my socks off. Best show of Sunday.
Poor Nonoka... Kalars are too powerful for her.


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