Monday, March 12, 2018

[Mitsuboshi Colors] Episode 10 impressions [Three Star Colors]

Episode 10
"Snowing Too Far"

Sat-chan was extremely cute this episode
Also, that scene before the OP make me feel like I was watching the wrong anime, looks like everything goes colorful when the Colors are around.

she was average

Well, Saito seems to be immune to Satchan's cuteness.

When your friend steals your catchphrase
Typical Satchan making her single word "poop". Yui calling Satchan average twice was savage, leader showing her fangs

And the savagery continues to extend to Nonoka. While Nonoka was trying to impart wisdom, Yui has her attention on the snow.

Sat-chan using her crucial one chance to talk into order to steal Kotoha's catchphrase was the best possible use for that.

I loved when Yui calls Sat-chan average the first time and she takes a second to respond, like she got offended lol. It's a very little moment, maybe I'm imagining things.

We finally have the Kotoha Yandere!

Kotoha has been killing Sat-chan since episode 1

... and Yui has been killing Kotoha since episode 6.

Sat-chan kills Yui, a full circle.

I was not expecting Kotoha to be the one that threw the poop-snowball

I really expected that to be a huge bluff.

Underestimate Colors at your own peril.

The girls are going to need lessons from Solid Snake on how to be sneaky during covert ops.
Pops, how can you even see in those....things?

He can't see, but he can tell.

Just need to keep urchin up.

man saito was actually going to actually play with them and have fun for once and those brats really put poop in their snowballs wtf
Yui blatantly says the word "hint" and the translators write "clue". this is one of my biggest pet peeves. Why do you do this to me?
the animation today was insanely great in some places. really makes up for all those scenes of still images.
Yui constantly being casually brutal with her honesty makes her my favorite.

The subs are driving me mad, mostly because they write "I beat the game!" instead of " Game Clear!'

Well, certain others translate "Itadakimasu!" to ''Through the Dark Lord, Amen!" This "Game Clear" thing is harmless. At least it keeps the message intact and doesn't introduce random made-up nonsense.

When the episode started at night, I asked myself "what are the colors doing out after curfew?"

Honestly I thought I was watching the wrong show until Saito showed up in the beginning.

These girls are so savage it's unreal, even Yui can land some hits when she tries.
Would really like to see them grown up


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