Sunday, March 4, 2018

[Märchen Mädchen] Episode 8 impressions

Episode 8
"Pull Out a Big Turnip"

What a great episode! I can't believe they used the famous quote from Milton Friedman,"if the government managed the sahara desert, they'd end up running out of sand". Such a fun, overlooked anime.

There is no team limit?
Kinda funny how the evil council are just sitting in a very dark room at the end of some school hallway

My guess would be it's a minimum 3, maximum 5 or 6 thing.

I fucking love these Russians. Some top-tier idiots, and they got what they wanted in the end! Some fight that was though, felt more like some comedy routine.

I wish we could just follow then through the whole anime.

I know right? I just loved that they had to get clobbered twice, with Karate girl complaining about looking like the bad guy.
That was a fun episode. I'm glad I didn't give up on this show.

I am honestly really enjoying this show and how it is written (with the exception of the leaving and coming back thing), the principle is always looking out for Hazuki and making sure they are able to do what they need to do to progress.

It's weird how this show has "antagonists" that are very fun and likeable, and others that I just completely hate (that includes both the Council in this episode, the American girl and Qazan).
I think you mean the bigger fangs, Hazuki.

Russia team still best girl


These Russians have saved this anime

This show is great!


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