Saturday, March 24, 2018

[Märchen Mädchen] Episode 9 impressions

Episode 9
"Companions on a Journey, and Whimsical Traps"

Tomohiro Matsu (original LN author) must be rolling in his grave right now.
Both Two of his three works that have been animated, have turned into giant messes due to production issues. Mayoi Neko Overrun’s production committee decided to have a different director for every episode. No one communicated the tone of the show between all of them either.
What a giant mess.
I still love this show, despite its shortcomings in animation. The writing is what made me love this show.
I'm guessing you've read the LN's then? How are they? I've enjoyed this story so far and now with this awful animation, I might just go read them instead.
Haven't read the LN but I think he wouldn't want to see his work animated like this.
This episode was honestly saddening. I was really starting to notice the below average animation quality when they took the two week break but now it's absolutly horrific. That combines with the tweet put out and I'm sad to see this show being abandoned by its team.
I'll probably still finish it because I like the story but damn this looks terrible now. I felt like I had been thrown into a badly animated show from the 2000's
Am I the only one who feels that the visuals have entered "so bad it's good" territory? They definetely got a few chuckles from me.
Yep, About half way through the episode i stop it and jump back 3 to show a friend. Literally in the next few minutes is when the quality dropped and i lost my shit laughing.
I won't drop the show to the end, but it really sucks to see an anime with pretty fun and likeable characters and some interesting design concepts to get in such a production mess. This show is just pure fun, that got ruined by the production management unresponsibility.
I hate the council so much. F old hags. They've been jerks since the very start, but they've really crossed the line this time. I hope they get what they deserve. I like the new girl, she seems fun. And apparently the american team as a whole isn't evil, only lynne. And shizuka and Hazuki are as gay as ever, great! The animation wasn't great, but overall the show is good. Dunno, maybe I just have terrible taste, but I can't see what was so wrong about this episode or the show as a whole.
Qazan didn’t even look like herself in the train station. And their eyes will probably be in my nightmares
That was the point where I gave up. No one was even close to being on model.
Yeah looking at the credits, this was outsourced to 4 studios (BigOwl, J cube, FAI and Uly). No inhouse animators worked on this weeks episode.
Dropped by the main studio in short and let small time studios finish it. Perhaps that is the reason why the quality is randomized. There are cuts that are actually good specially close ups scenes but then it becomes bad again eg whole body shots.
I really love Hazuki's newbie VA. She's the biggest reason I'm still watching this show. I hope her career doesn't get affected much by this show going down the shitters. At least she also has that main role in the new SAO. That could be her big break. I just don't want this to be the last show I'll be hearing her in.
Relatively minor quibble, in the scheme of what's happened to this show:
The Tsuchimikados have had seven years to alter the histories of Shizuka's book. Even if they didn't have it until Shizuka re-earned it or however exactly that works, they've had months at the least. If they killed Shizuka's mother as part of the cover up, why wouldn't they have already altered the histories? Hell, why not do it immediately after the fact?
I mean, it's just a cruel ploy by the weirdly evil council to take advantage of a teenage girl's insecurities for their own nefarious purposes, which is to say the logic isn't the most important part, but you'd think the principal of her school would've at least pointed that out to try and get her to refuse to hand it over.

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