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[Mahoutsukai no Yome] Episode 24 impressions [The Ancient Magus' Bride]

Episode 24
"Live and let live."

Cmon show you could've used that new opening visuals as soon as season 2 started. Why hold out until now.
Felt like the joseph battle was super underwhelming even though he was basically the final boss, but hey it's all good cuz everything got resolved and we got a proper ending.

This really doesn't have "battles" more so than it has conflicts, and they didn't even win, they are just on a temporary peace because Chise is still cursed and is going to certainly die because of it (if nothing else kills her before) and Cartaphylus/Joseph are still alive, same with Ashen Eye; they aren't supposed to be high action moments but high intensity moments, which I feel the series nailed, all out magic battles would be DISASTROUS to the world itself and they really don't fit the tone of the series

Yes Elias, yes it is. Nice throwback to the first episode afterward.
I'm conflicted about this show. Overall I think it was good, but it certainly had the potential to be a lot better. My high points / favorite parts:
  • The OVAs
  • Chise's phoenix transformation
  • Joseph/Cartaphilus as a villain
  • Silky in general
  • The Leanan sídhe story

I'm curious as to why you Cartaphilus as a villan was a high point for you?

I think his story and background were very intriguing and fleshed out well throughout the show. His various encounters with Chise had a large influence on how she grew. He also had cool powers and a motivation to use them the way he did. The biggest reason I liked him as a villain was that I could empathize with him while still hating him for being evil. I just think he's a well-crafted character.

Did Chise really just give Stella a bouquet of mana roses that attracts demons?
The show started good but it got very average as it went on. I think it's because the show is basically the same everytime.
  • The cliffhangers almost always ends with Chise getting kidnapped, while not being in actual danger
  • Chise sacrifices herself, emotional flashback Chise hugs it out and everything is ok.
  • Fights are never really satisfying or resolved the enemy always runs away, leaving you with an empty feeling.
  • buildups to events with conclusions that are sometimes just "oh ok, cool I guess"
≫Did Chise really just give Stella a bouquet of mana roses that attracts demons?
If there's one thing we learned from this show it's that Chise sometimes doesn't make very good decisions.

Stella can't exactly see all of them anyway; and the creatures in the show are not demons persay but more like fae

Phew, was afraid Chise was going to die there, glad I was wrong.
I think the episode was a good final one, it didn't leave too many questions open, but still keeps it interesting enough to wait for a second season if there will ever be one.
Edit: But to be honest, the episode felt a bit bland and didn't have anything especially memorable in it. Some of the other episodes had a much bigger impact on me and were more interesting. But the episode tied a knot on the whole package and in that aspect I think it was a good ending.

The manga hasn't got this far yet.

I see. But there isn't really anything preventing it from continuing. Sure - the main antagonist is beaten, but there could still be many more stories to tell in the universe.

They announced the next arc . It's the college arc

Oh I didn't know that. Apparently it'll be released in October this year. Found this article about it in case anyone is interested.

Doubt it's true the arc starts in May. And doubt there will be enough material for a 2nd season this year

That was a really quick resolution. Everyone gets a happy ending. Bride Chise looked great and was a given for the anime's title. But those chibi sections remained jarring throughout the anime.
Overall I was alright with the anime. The OVA hooked me and the first half intrigued me with the world building, but the second half didn't keep my interest as much (outside of episode 22). I mainly completed it cause I had already invested so much time. There were a lot of great production moments (like the phoenix flight sequence), but the characters and story didn't resonate with me in the end. The anime wasn't terrible, but it's not one I'd universally recommend.

Agreed, I was expecting so much from the OVA. The first half of the anime was interesting and great. The second half fell flat. The happy endings for everyone just seemed like cheap and sloppy writing.
Chise's near death moments lack punch now since we all know she's going to come back by the end of the episode. I think the anime as a whole is below average.

I'm going to miss their strange family...
I feel like I have a lot of things to say about this show but at the same time I don't? While the show and the manga is clearly far from overI feel like this episode was a perfect stopping point. I enjoyed the ride and love Chise and Elias as a character, not just our mains but I feel like I've grown attached to these characters that I'm actually sad that there's no more next week.
Production-wise I don't think I have anything much to say about that since the show's been consistent with everything since Episode 1. Art, Animation, Music, and Acting. I can definitely find faults in the story but when it comes to those aspects of the show it's pretty hard to find one. Overall this show is an easy 9/10 for me.

Sometimes a family is an ancient shadow demon, a banshee who went domestic, a girl who's constantly dying, and a dog.

That feels like a satisfying ending to what has been a long journey.
this is the first time ive watched a 24 episode show while it aired, and Saturdays are gonna feel emptier...
one thing i am curious about, is how Chise got her eye back, if it reverted somehow or if they re implanted her old one while she was out cold

They took back her eye from Joseph so I assume they put it back in. Apparently eyes in this world work by Naruto logic.

Hey, after her arm transformed into a dragon form a magical eye transplant doesn't look that far-fetched. I mean, thinking about all the things they can do with magic and curses an eye transplant is the least surprising when in a world where there is a thousand-year-old corpse that replaces his body parts as they rot can remote control people and have a chimera collection in his house.
What I do find strange that Joseph/Cartaphilus never tried to create an insect repellant or some magic that stopped his meat from rotting.

This show has been on my PTW list since it began but I still haven't got to watching it. My question is, is this anime worth watching?

Best answer I can give you is give it a try. People here is going to tell you that is either a masterpiece or the worst anime they have seen. So the best you can do is create your own opinion. Personally, I enjoyed those Saturday's afternoons and I'll probably miss them.

Well, since you aren't watching it week to week like we were, you won't have to deal with all the cliffhanger bullshit. But the show isn't bad. It's pretty decent. Some people are overreacting in the comments cuz they just finished it lmao. There's a lot of wonderful moments because of the magical world of magus bride. Whenever the focus would switch to a new character for the episode they would always be sad/interesting stories. The characters are fun and there's genuinely funny moments.
The only annoying part of magus bride that I could think of, are the questionable amount of useless cliffhangers and some questionable decision making by some characters and their reasoning behind it.
Besides that I give it a solid 7, if you're interested in the show check the first couple of episodes and form an opinion about yourself.

I enjoyed it a lot but it seems not everyone here share that feeling.
I'd definitely recommend you to give the OVA a shot, and if you like the universe, mood and art then give the full season a chance.

Depends on your taste. I loved it and it's one of my favourite animes ever, but that's because I loved the main character, the personal growth, the dialogue, the fantastic characters and scenario. For me, it felt like pure magic. But it's not an anime full of action and/or complicating drama. It's mostly calm, beautiful and sad.


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