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[Mahoutsukai no Yome] Episode 23 impressions [The Ancient Magus' Bride]

Episode 23
"Nothing seek, nothing find."

That moment when the fountain appears and you think the episode ended.

They fucked up a real good opportunity to have an awesome episode-bleeds-into-the-ending moment there. Why the fuck have that parallel and not use it when the time comes? 

Forreal, that actually made me really mad.
BUT--that first verse of the song gets me every time for some reason. I don't care too much about the rest of the song, but the beginning is such a good hook.

But then it actually ends 10 seconds later anyways

Where did Titania's nice anime tiddies™ go to?

It was just a branch of her, so she was sticc instead of thicc

I'm calling the police.

Because he wants someone to talk to

So the moral of The Ancient Magus Bride: Don't piss off the Hulk Spriggan. That's it. That's the whole story.
On a serious note, I like how Oberon and Titania are completely onboard with helping Elias get back (even “recapture”) Chise. Seems to imply that with faeries, relationship disputes over attempted kid-murder don’t seem to be a deal-breaker.
It helps put things in perspective: A lot of people criticize Elias as creepy, and as a love interest, he damn well might be. But as a Bloodborne-looking, half-fae, he's not doing too bad. We see more of his emotional developing during this second cour, but he's still working with half-formed knowledge and that hasn't worked out well for him or Chise. Let’s see how this ends.

The Fae were also cool with the idea of locking her up and never lettering her outside again.
Fae are not nice or moral by human standards. So Elias truly struggling with his emotions and failing to understanding even his own feelings makes sense. I don't know why so many people don't get that part of the story an just condemn him.
He needs help understanding even himself let alone the feelings of others.

I mean, they kidnap children... What did you expect?

After reading the Berserk "Lost Children" arc, you don't want to know my expectation of faeries.

My favourite arc.

Ohh, we are at the ED place now!

Finally the ED makes sense somewhat !

Poor Joseph... he was just trying to be helpful

TFW you have only one friend... And he is terribly cursed.

Yeah, but I'm wondering why he was looked down upon earlier. Being a gravedigger, called names, and being able to talk to the dead etc. Why was this, there has to be more to the story.

Historically, gravediggers were seen as low-class at best. Even today in India, for example, gravediggers and cemetary workers are professions filled by the Untouchable (lowest) caste. Japan had a feudal caste system for a while too, in which gravediggers were seen in a similar light.
So it's just humans being humans. Joseph did nothing wrong! besides merging himself with the absolute worst existence possible

Gotta get a decent amount of content in the next episode if there's gonna be some sort of conclussion.
really hope Chise gets out of all of this okay, and most importantly, happy.

Elias, too. The man just wants to be with Chise.

Loli Titania is a cutie too! Though tbh I prefer her original form ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Gave me some real strong Shinobu/Kiss-Shot vibes, to be honest.

This episode was giving me a lot of superficial FMA:B vibes. Elias looking like Envy in the first scene, the chimeras, the Flame Almchemist sorcerer with Riza Angelica by his side, etc.
I definitely feel bad for Joseph, and Cartaphilus really looks like he could use the sweet release of death real soon. Hopefully next episode gives him just that.
But the main thing, though, was Elias refusing Titania's offer to 'entrap' Chise. Looks like he's finally learned something about how to be human.

Now that you mention it, I did wonder when a big suit of armour was gonna walk in like 'yo just looking for my body, don't mind me'.
Isn't Scarface, I mean Renfred, an actual alchemist? I'm pretty sure they've called him that before...

Only today.
Usually Renfred's just a housewife.

tfw you realize that there is only one episode left.


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