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[Mahoutsukai no Yome] Episode 22 impressions [The Ancient Magus' Bride]

Episode 22
"As you sow, so shall you reap."

Damn, that was a nice episode with Chise moving on and good to see her backstory.
That eye thing, though...
I am just gonna stay with this Mini-Chise.

I really like how they handled the climax of that flashback. No music. Very little dialogue and action. Just a mother, tired of it all, and the small sounds of her daughter choking to death.
That and the fucking eye scene was an incredible trip in discomfort.

It was really striking that there was no background music for the middle part, which made the addition of music toward the end more impactful.

At least Joseph was kind enough to give her his own eye in exchange...

It takes a bit of getting used to, but Heterochromia Chise doesn't look half bad.

I really love Heterochromia, and I would have liked it with Chise if Joseph's eye wasn't so dead looking.
I know it makes sense with his character, but still not a huge fan.

This was the best episode yet for me. Similar vibes to the OVAs, which was my personal highlight of the series. I want to know more about kid Chise and that setting of real world filled with magical beings only they see.
And seeing Chise so happy as a child hurt. Makes all the suffering that much worse. I know it almost hit a comedic point with how much crap kept happening to her, but that was cause there was no balance. And of course, we all want to know more about that shadow ferret and her dad leaving with her brother.

OVAs were wonderful. Both story and picture. Some of the scenes were beatiful

Pretty powerful episode but that's expected since Chise's past is hope we get some more answers like why her dad left :/

Going out on a limb, but I don't think it's possible to do that and wrap up the story in two episodes. I personally don't mind the mystery. Sometimes people just walk out of our lives.

It might not get resolved in the anime, but it will get explained in the manga for sure. It doesn't look like it will reach an end in a little time, unlike the anime -whom was confirmed to have an original ending by the author herself-. Kore sensei will probably take her time to explain chise dad's motivations along next chapters

Didn't he get scared of the monsters ? He was the one who had to fight them and Chise kept attracting them. He probably thought that him and his son would end up hurt.

He asked if Chise wanted to come with though. He wouldn't have even entertained the idea if he was only doing it to get away from her.
It had to have something to do with glowy eye cat, maybe he got possessed or something just like the mother did.

Before that he freaked when he realized that Chise had seen him trying to leave. I don't think he was ever planning on leaving with her at all.
As for why he asked in the first place... Probably out of habit. He's her father, so it would've been normal for him to ask her if she wanted to go out with him. He stops himself, though, which really cements the idea that he wasn't planning on taking her in the first place.

After Chise’s mom tried to choke her own daughter, I understood her killing herself as her saying “this is my way of never doing anything like what I just did again”. She knew what she had done would never go away. Sad stuff right there.

Plus she was emotionally and physically tired. Entirely isolated socially, had nobody to turn to for support or to just talk.
That suicide would have been fueled by exhaustion and desperation. Probably in another moment when she was thinking clearer it would never had happened..
Its such a tragedy for her, in every meaning of the word and ultimately she never got her daughter's forgiveness.

I'm really glad we got this episode. Finally got insight into the life of chise's family. It also makes you feel for her mother. She really did love chise and tried her best to support her family. But when it comes to these monsters that are constantly making your life hell, it just broke her. She couldn't handle it anymore and I honestly sympathized with her. I'm also really split on the dad deciding to leave. There was clearly a reason, but if it was to, let's say deal with this unknown creature, why would he bring the child with him? He was also considering bringing chise along.
It honestly doesn't make sense to just abandon his family literally out of nowhere. Even though we won't find out during the anime, i'm curious to see how that's gonna be resolved.

My guess was that he couldn't take it any more and wanted his son to have a "normal" life.

first half of this episode was just brutal
I just want Chise to be happy and safe dammit

Hope she gets her eye back.

Such a good episode. I'm glad they didn't skip on the important parts though I think part this chapter will be done next week after being rearranged. It is so weird though seeing the eyes in color as in the black and white of the manga it doesn't have nearly as much a stark contract that sticks out. We are now officially caught up to the manga so noone now knows what is to come.
Soo about all those times people kept complaining that nothing ever happens to her and it just immediately resets to her being fine and unharmed...?

I don't care how much of an asspull it may end up being, I just want Chise to have a happy living family again.


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