Monday, March 5, 2018

[Mahoutsukai no Yome] Episode 21 impressions [The Ancient Magus' Bride ]

Episode 21
"Necessity has no law."


Everyone's talking about Elias being an idiot, but I'm honestly more surprised by Ruth.

True that. As I was watching and Ruth didn't stop Elias, I sorta shrugged and said "well, they're both fairies / non-human with extreme loyalties, so yeah I guess they don't value human lives as much."
But that doesn't explain how Ruth won't be able to think of how Chise would feel after the ritual.

Both of them were well aware that Chise would be against the ritual, but they both cared more about saving her life than anything else.

It's a tough decision because Ruth doesn't want her to die. If there was any other way to save Chise's life i'm sure Ruth would stop Elias somehow.

They could have used any person, you would think Ruth might not want Elias to hurt a little girl considering his past.

Being fair to him, it's been shown his life is tied to Chise's, such as a while ago when Chise started coughing up blood after creating the thing for the old man, and Ruth started bleeding as well. Not that I think Ruth is doing this out of concern for himself, but he certainly has a stake in it.

If he's doing it just for himself that wouldn't be Ruth.

I got spooked when Elias looked at Stella with those red eyes...

Throughout the episode he was represented as a demon, just that "one life compensates the other" deal. The title of the episode was really ominous.

Finally hit that boiling point. The pacing of the second half has been pretty hit or miss (the whole sequence of Elias developing his plan without any dialogue being one of many), but the development since the start made that ending sequence much more powerful. Chise realizes what the audience has been privy to all along.
Not that I'm on the Elias hate train that I imagine many people are. He's essentially an emotional infant, you don't blame him for just not knowing better. It's how he reacts that will be much more telling. Getting socked in the literal jaw should be clear enough a message.

This is why I don't get all the Elias hate. It's been mentioned many times before that he is a "child". It's basically a tantrum.

Explanation doesn't equal justification. People can understand why he does thing and still be angry. Chise understands him better than most, and is close to dying, and she's has reason to be angry with him.


Well you see, dragons are endangered and little girls are everywhere

I imagine this is how Elias would think. lol
Well, if he wasn't jealous of Stella.

I get that the no-speaking portion when Elias visits Tory was probably bcs they didn't want to spoil what Elias wanted to do but it was really weird to see such a long conversation without actual speaking and I don't know what the fuck Elias even did there lul
Was this a longer sequence in the manga? It felt totally rushed.

They are fast forwarding chapters so they can end on a specific point what seems to be a manga chapter that isn't actually out yet.
If I remember right he got access to a book to find a way to save her by bribing to show real magic to the person that he did with the paper. The way to save her clearly is not a very nice way to do it.

Finally seeing chise getting pissed. Was like a breath of fresh air. Shes never really gotten angry at elias, just a bit upset with him. But now seeing her let it all out(great right hook btw) after him trying to pull that shit was great to see. Im surprised ruth went along with something so stupid. He knows thats not what chise would want and would probably try to kill herself after it was done.

I'm not feeling this second half that much. Everything feels so rushed and I'm not understanding why certain characters act the way they do specially Joseph and the Sorcerer.

First half was phenomenal. Second one not so much. Though this episode is looking promising.

This episode was amazing, but I think people are forgetting a crucial element to Elias's actions this episode, don't forget that as they were leaving the Witch's gathering Marielle slipped a piece of paper to Elias and told him that only a life could pay for a life, if it wasn't for that paper, Elias may not have come to the conclusion he did as fast, giving Chise and him more time to figure something out.

That's doesn't absolve him of his actions though.

This is probably due to the fact that he has barely been introduced to the feeling name jealousy… He has never been taught through humans or life how to deal with it and now he has it, he reacts by instinct... not morals


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