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[Kokkoku] Episode 9 impewssions [Moment by Moment ]

Episode 9
"The Ninth Moment"

Juuri's face...
And i guess RIP Stone, we seem to not be focusing too much on the repercussions that is gonna have so I think Juuri may indeed just be trapped in there forever :/

Being trapped in Stasis alone is bad, but it might not be the actual worst; Juri can become a real shrine god. Although the terms "Stasis" and "Stalled" are used, this is technically a misnomer; the world is just progressing along at its normal pace while our characters move unbelievably fast, perceiving the world's movement as slowed down to a nigh-stop.

So, going from there, Juri will be able to watch the world progress (very slowly). To the real world, whenever she does something, it'll be like a supernatural force made it happen, because nobody can see somebody who moves that fast. She can't really earn money or buy things properly, so to earn food without being disruptive to society she could set up her own shrine where people left offerings to her and she could in turn invisibly help them with problems.

...and it just occurred to me that she still ages normally, so she'd probably die of old age before any meaningful time passes in the real world. Oh well, it was fun to think about.

She would probably starve in the time it would take someone to put down an offering though.

Yeah, that's a problem too. I suppose she'd just end up becoming a herald. Maybe if she's lucky she could replicate what Sagawa did, but I don't think she has that level of control, knowledge, or willpower.

Juri's face when her dad was claiming to have powers was gold.
And looks we found our antagonists motives behind everything; they wanna experience things that they couldn't be able to otherwise. Kind of liked how they had Shiomi laugh off Juri's thought that they were trying to take over the world or something wackier.

Yep. Now if only they had just talked it out rather than wage a minor war.

To be fair, Sagawa would've tried to pick a fight either way, considering they're the only other ones who have all the crazy powers.

Juri and everyone else who's watching

Happy cake day! Looks like you like our princess, so here's her stitch from the ED.

So it seems like Makoto is like a remote control for the herald, but anyone can give the commends when he's using the power?
Doubt it would work against Sagawa but should be interesting

Maybe he's just controlling them with telepathy (and not voice), but doesn't control his thoughts well enough to avoid thinking about what Takafumi said.
Maybe you're right, though, but that would be a very weird power.
Anyway I wonder if he couldn't use that power directly against Sagawa, since he turned into a Handler...

I think you guys are being too harsh on Takafumi. Yes, he's weak and venal, and blusters a lot. But notice how in this episode he didn't hesitate to attack the Herald-monster while telling Makoto to run. Even his pretending to control the Herald, I think is more about protecting or covering for Makoto, more than any other motive.

Yes he cares about his family, but he also is very heavily influenced by temptation of power and greed.

I mean doesn't every human being like that?
They love their family,but if they have chance or Power to became rich and powerful,they will do it

Takufumi's little lie is likely not going to last long. Does anyone think he is going to be the surprise antagonist in the last episodes?

Nah, if there's one point the show has driven home it's that Takafumi is all bark and no bite. Don't think he's going to suddenly grow balls at the end. I'm more worried his little act is going to get someone killed.

Eh, I think he's protecting Makoto. Notice how Takafumi didn't hesitate to turn and attack the Herald while telling Makoto to run.

but the fact is that Takafumi is taking advantage of Makoto's newfound power to make himself seem more powerful and give himself an edge for whenever he plans to convince his family to let him keep exploiting the stone(since he doesn't yet know that its destroyed)....

Great episode, potentially the best one so far.
I generally really liked the whole philosophical stand point, like would you kill a random innocent family and your followers (and what not) for time travel? Even if you can just travel forward, that is an amazing experience and I am sure many people would easily kill innocent people to get that ind of power.
Like Hime-sama said also, it makes the antagonist an interesting character, his goal is not world conquest but just some kind of experience a life no one else can.
Hime-sama Juri Breaks the stone and what I guess a herald body inside of it so that is likely the way out to harvest that from Tobino later.
Makato and unlocks new powers. Loved the moment where he was like PLS KID LET THEM THINK I DID IT.
Many had guessed and it seemed quite classic that someone would get a control monster power, a tamer power, so yeah it is what it is. Maybe it will have a some effect on Sawaga.

Wait, why did that guy turn into a herald? If he was truly dying, would he turn into one? And if he wasn't dying, he didn't quite yield his will to live.
And ofc, all Heralds are after Takafumi and his scum aura. That's his power, attracting heralds. I would argue Makoto's power to control them is slightly more useful than that.

I assume punk boy turned into a herald because he was losing hope. "Somebody please save me" and shite like that are pretty indicative of losing hope, and that seems to get people turned into dust monsters.


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