Tuesday, March 27, 2018

[Kokkoku] Episode 12 impressions [Moment by Moment]

Episode 12
"The Twelveth Moment"

Coming in, coming out

You can't see me but you hear me loud

don't that make you crazy now

At least now we got to see who that blonde lady from episode 1 was all about

Oh my god, I just rewatched the scene at 1:00 of episode 1... I completely forgot about that.

Oh wow yeah they showed the end of the series almost in 'real time' for her. That's really cool.

Yeah, that's so trippy to rewatch. As soon as Stasis hit, she 'awoke' from her perspective.

Yea me too! That was a brilliant twist.

No it wasn't. It was a textbook deus ex machina.

Well they did set it up from the start so not really an ex machina. But yea it did feel a little too convenient.

Such a satisfying ending, i love good ends

Yeah, that was nice. We more or less see what would happen to Juri eventually anyway.
Damn, I admire her resolve to push everyone out.
Shiomi at least questioned whether Sagawa will turn bad.

You think? It was satisfying in the way that Juri got out of stasis, but I was disappointed that it was that easy and was just luck. I also wish we would've seen the consequences of their trip to stasis, with dead people suddenly being found.

I actually really liked this twist. I really enjoy where the setup is 'you think you're the chosen ones, but actually not really'. They thought they were special, really they were just a drop in the bucket.

This anime is strange as fuck. Idk what just happened. Like, I thought I have an idea of the plot, but some unusual events occurred since. Idk how many times I lost my train of thought when watching this. And seeing Sagawa, who was once Juri's enemy, turn into a baby, which lead Juri to adopt him as her own child...yea, this anime is weird. And yet, I enjoyed every bit of it lol.

Yeah some very strange things happened, but I'm still glad I watched it if just for the excellent OP and ED.

i'm confused how the whole stasis worked again. Does time flow normally for everyone outside stasis?

"Stasis" just speeds up people with squids in their bodies. It doesn't literally stop time.

“Anybody else just see a lady in her underwear on that bed for like a split second?”

I want to know what will happen to the years worth of stuff she stole disappearing in less than a second. How will people explain what happened?

Japan’s economy collapses

Call it an asspull, convenient or whatever. All that matters to me is Juri is back with her family and happy.

Although the resolution seemed to come out of nowhere, I'm glad that Juri got a happy ending.
I loved the complete lack of sound when she's in the stasis by herself and only have her own thoughts to keep her company. You can really see how maddening it was becoming for her.

This show was super weird to watch, it started off really strong then pittered out the last few weeks. At least this ending wraps everything up neatly enough, although I'm not sure what the post-credit scene is hinting toward.

Well, no one could have fuckin expected the last episodes to go like this, that's for sure.
The final episode was the best out of those, felt well handled and tackled the topic of being isolated.


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