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[Kokkoku] Episode 11 imppressions [Moment by Moment]

Episode 11
"The Eleventh Moment"

I was laughing hysterically about the floating brain. One more episode I guess, looks like we can wrap up the story. I guess Juri is going to adopt baby Sagawa.

God dammit Japan, stop putting advertisements for parentage in every anime out there.

They need to or we'll run out of animators and anime will die

Definitely not what I was expecting when I first got into this.

i don't know if i should be happy or sad that this fever dream of an anime is about to come to an end. (if it is only 1 cour)

This show is getting weirder and weirder. Now I'm just here to see how they're going to triumph this in the finale.
Imb4 baby Sagawa latches onto a stray boob for supplements.

yeah, my theory is that it has gotten progressively worse ever since the loud CHAKKA CHAKKA noise disappeared from the eyecatches. It started off so well, but the latter half of this show has continued to disappoint for me.

To me it feels like this show could have been done in like 6-7 episodes. Since then, it was pretty much only Sagawa vs the main cast, with all other characters being kicked out. And that "battle" is simply dragged out like crazy.

Yall suckers sound like yall watched week-to-week. I binged until this episode and it worked great.

What if Hideo Kojima was behind this show the whole time and this is just the prologue for Death Stranding?
It's at the very least reaching Kojima levels of weird with floating brains and babies born in cocoons.

Top 10 anime plot twists

I'm so happy to know I wasn't the only one that thought of this exact thing. I felt like if it had Directed by Hideo Kojima at the end, it'd totally fit and it'd get anime of the decade just from the name alone.

Kojima would need to be behind the manga since it's an adaptation lol

We finally learn how babby is formed.

I have a theory that the blonde woman in the beginning of the first episode will have something to do with Juri getting out of stasis.
My theory is that after exorcising everyone from stasis, Juri had mastered being a handler and found a way out. Either by possessing someone, giving the power to exorcise, or by finding someone with the power to exorcise. Not sure what, but that sequence has to have a purpose.
The time on the cell phone that fell matches the time stasis was activated means that its the same moment(stasis) that the series is happening in.
The fact that the handler that approaches the blonde woman has a female figure makes me suspect that it is Juri.

Holy crap, I completely forgot about that scene.

holy crap indeed, i forgot that too. Now I´m 100% in that theory
Maybe, the last ep will be a summary of all the years Juri stayed in stasis.

I think that the show going from super high-octane in the beginning to this more tense, confusing tone was a good idea. Part of me wants Juri to be trapped forever because it's always interesting to see media go with tragedy instead of a convoluted happy ending but another part of me wants to see her escape because she deserves to be happy.

The plot twist has been subtly foreshadowed if you think about it. Every major character in the show falls under a particular stage of the human life cycle -- we have a kid, a teenager/young adult, a middle-aged man, and the old man. Only the infant stage remains uncovered, until now.

I don't think it's fair to lump teenager with young adult as the same part of the human life cycle. Puberty starts and stops between the ages of ~6 (Makoto) and ~22 (Juri), and that's a pretty significant part of the human life cycle. There is no teenager representation.

there is teenager representation although short, shoko's handler/herald lil brother who somehow survived during his brief moment alive in stasis before becoming stalled he clearly has grown into what seems to be a boy between 12-15 years of age.
this also supports the idea that if sagawa stayed in that cocoon he would have re-emerged as an adult eventually instead of as a baby due to a pre-mature release (no pun intended), clearly you can still age in stasis as a herald albeit at a slower pace.

Holy shit! TOPDAD Takafumi actually did something useful
And then he fucks it up 2 minutes later.....
At least he shouldn't be able to make it worse now

at this point I miss it enough that I yell in the "CHUGGA CHUGGA CHUGGA AH AH AH AH AH" myself.

Nice, I like the resolve of Juri and Takafumi. Backstory my ass, fuck Sagawa.
Stitch of Shouko
Contrary to what the ED shows, she did wear one. Juri too

At least they didn't try to make us feel sympathy for him... I think they only wanted to show that he could have grown to be a better person with a better childhood.
That said, I wouldn't mind him just getting finally killed.

Did anyone else spend half the episode screaming, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING? FINISH HIM!" at the screen?

I started screaming that last week

And boy are your lungs tired.


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