Monday, March 12, 2018

[Kokkoku] Episode 10 impressions [Moment by Moment ]

Episode 10
"The Tenth Moment"

Really missing the "CHIGGA CHIGGA CHIGGA CHIGGA" at the midway point of these episodes

That was te best part, and voice is CHIGA CHIGA CHIGA and the other goes louder TA TA TA

He saw his dad having sex with his friend's mom... that is Sagawa's backstory.

And that's when... You saw your dad fucking your mom. The most tragic back story. All right New Kid. So what new power do you want this time?

Which revealed that everything his father said was a lie. Leading to identity crisis and eventual megalomania.

His dad was always saying "I ain't no motherfucker", but he were.

That's not the point. His dad is the priest of their religion. His entire childhood has been centered around being a part of that religion. And now, he found out that his role model uses their sacred religion as a tool to have sex with followers.

This guy gets it, also that probably... na, it certainly ruined the only friendship he ever had.

They stood around for over 2 minutes when Sagawa was caught by the Herald, saying "Now's our chance" and then watching him transform. Gotta love the shounen battle rule of never attacking an opponent while they're going through a transformation

It could have been dangerous. Compared to them he is invincible so the transformation should be disturbing enough to stop them.

Plus he was "harmless" when feeding and still protected himself.

I knew something was going to happen when I saw how big was the faith of Sagawa's friend mom.

His dad said something about her husband being away for work a lot, real subtle foreshadowing right there.

Sagawa's finger transforming into a blade, attack by baseball and Makoto handling the defence. Loads of Parasyte vibes, all that was missing was the dubstep. It was fun to watch that messy battle though, quite different from the slickly choreographed battles we usually see in anime. It was more of a mad scramble where no one really knew what they were doing.
The sudden change in Sagawa's demeanor is a little jarring. Maybe he's realised he will lose a battle of attrition, but I'm not sure if that's the only reason he's willing to negotiate.

He's lost the battle already. He can't beat them and as the saying goes If you can't beat them, join them. At best he can take them out but then he'll use up the energy he has left so he'll still lose even if he kills Juri.

Well I'm glad Takafumi didn't get to pretend longer than he should've had and that the secret got out pretty quick. As soon as they saw Makoto posing.
Also does Sagawa really think they'd believe him after he tried to set up a trap for them using Takafumi earlier? He does sound like he's desperate though and there's no hint of further fighting in the next episode review so maybe there's a bit of truth in his words.

Well uh...that was an intriguing backstory.

i thought I saw Juri using chidori

I always compare Juri's technique with Neji's Gentle Fist, the white eyes and Byakugan are also similar

Ugh this episode was just... not good. Really hoping this show doesn't go the way of Children of the Whales, starting off so good and then completely dropping the ball near that end.

Tbh, Children dropped the ball by episode 3, not episode 9.

Makoto is awesome. Good boy.
Honestly, who would trust Sagawa to help with anything. Juri would have a better shot at leaving stasis on her own by learning what Sagawa did, on her own. She'd have a lot of time to practice...


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