Friday, March 9, 2018

[Koi wa Ameagari no you ni] Episode 9 impressions [After the Rain]

Episode 9
"Rain of Sorrow"

The blushing scenes had me blushing! Even though this episode was more about friendships than romance, I still absolutely loved it! And we got a peek at Kondo’s life. It was a fantastic episode all around!

Yeah I'm really glad about this development. It seems that the age gap romance was more of a starting point for a general coming of age story, which is a much better way to treat the topic. Now we have Kondo rediscovering youth and Tachibana maturing, which is the best outcome we could have hoped for.
The ups and downs really come fast in this show, and it's awesome.

Haruka finally found out about Akira's secret crush. I doubt Haruka is the kind of girl that will blab about it but I am curious how this will affect their future interaction. That is IF their friendship even goes back to normal.
So apparently Chihiro is his college buddy not his ex-wife. But now we know that Kondou's wife's name is Midori and they were college sweet hearts that belonged in the same club. And that they never see each other and just communicate over the phone.

I think it's all set up for Midori to enter the stage.
Kondo keeps getting throwbacks to his youth, and now he had Tachibana's relationship troubles as well. It would seem all too fitting for him to make an attempt to reconcile with Midori now. Maybe they could come together again, maybe they will just be able to talk normally again, maybe it fails.
It would be very interesting to see the effects on both Kondo and Akira, and could go a thousand different ways. Especially since there is no information what kind of person Midori is and what kind of momentum she would bring.

I kinda doubt she'll show up. Seems like it'd just introduce a lot of drama this late into the show. The next episode's summary doesn't sound like she'll appear either.

I don't know why, but I'm glad that the author of the book that Kondo borrowed from the library the other day is his friend and not his ex-wife. Though, I'm curious what his ex-wife looks like and why they divorced in the first place. Also, the reason why he was down the at the library is probably because thing is awkward between them (Kondo and Chihiro) and they haven't contact with each other for 10 years and seeing the book makes him remember it.

I wonder if they might have divorced over his writing, since it's how they met. Either Kondo was still focussed on being a writer and she wanted him to settle down with a regular job. Alternatively the other way around and that he'd settled for a life in restaurant management. With her wanting the dynamic writer that she'd married back.
Regardless, it'll be interesting to meet her, though if Akira is around at the time it could get messy.

When the whole society is against you. And even your closest friend. "He's so old…" Pff

I wouldn't blame Haruka for blurting out her immediate observations, but man, her comments must have hurt Tachibana.

I hope they will sort this out. Haruka clearly not a bad person. She was just shocked by this turn of events.

Huh, interesting that Akira wished for her friendship with Haruka instead of anything related to Kondou, seems like that romance is not going anywhere after all.
Also what was with the random... russian?

Yeah, the Russian felt truly random (not to mention the first word was most likely Google translated as it is used in a bad grammatical context). They might have been referencing Russian poems which were often centered around the Moon - they are literature geeks, after all.

Exactly this. they're a bunch of literature geeks, either they're quoting some obscure Russian poem or they've taken Russian together while in college.

Chihiro seems like an awesome dude to hang out with. I hope he's convinced Kondo to finish the story he's been jotting down lately.

I really like how the show uses juxtaposition between Kondo and youth like in that bar scene when we see Kondo and Chihiro reminisce about their more youthful days while being in a crowd of youthful and rowdy college kids. It gives a nice balance to Tachibana and her youthful problems.
But man that line with "we're not adults, we're classmates" felt so bittersweet. Meeting each other after 10 years and this is what concludes it?

That line by Chihiro gave me goosebumps.

we are not adults, we are classmates...

I like how the romance is slowly disappearing more and more with each episode and it goes into exploring youth and maturity.
That's such an interesting way to go for a show but i really, really like it.

The best possible way for the show to go. This direction definitely has something to say. I am looking forward to seeing what that is.

That episode flew by, goddamn I love this series.


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