Thursday, March 1, 2018

[Koi wa Ameagari no you ni] Episode 8 impreddions [After the Rain]

Episode 8
"Quiet Rain"

When they keep talking about Japanese literature you know nothing about

The story should only take a couple minutes to read if you'd like


Oh god I want an audio book read by the manager, like, a lot.
I was wondering if I was gonna watch the Anime, having read the manga, no ragret, I like the adaptation a lot.

Yeah definitely agree with you on your thoughts of how this anime adaptation is succeeding. I really enjoy the manga, but was very worried that this kinda story with an age-gap, more old-style art, and just not clear in your face story-tellingwould be received by the average anime viewer.
Luckily the anime has really stepped up and is very eye appealing, sounds great, the characterization is awesome especially with the work the voices actors put in to go along with it, and it just treats the viewer like an adult with how it tells the story.
Will admit, when i heard the first episode, I thought the manager's voice was a bit higher pitched than I originally thought it'd be, but hes definitely grown on me.

Whoa, I can't believe they managed to set up such a good scene between Tachibana and Kongo with just a pimple and remedial class's homework. It's pretty nice that they get to know each other more and looks like this'll be where the show is going.
Love is in the air boys, you fall in love and you fall in love. Everyone is falling in love.
Tachibana in yukata looks great.
The series' Twitter posts quite a lot of pretty key frames. The ones from this episode. Last episode.
heh, when you don't know whether to be happy or sad after you get "friendly" hug.
Edit: commie posted the trandlation of the servant story.

I just binged all the previous 7 episodes of this amazing anime yesterday. I‘m so invested in the story, the amazing music and the way this artstyle makes me feel all nostalgic. Can‘t believe I didn‘t join you guys earlier!

It's a bit overlooked but this one must be the best romance I've seen since tsuki ga kirei 🌂

I am really starting to like Tachibana's VA. I can't get over how soothing her voice is. Also fitting that she is the same age as the character she is voicing
Hope she gets more roles in the future.

She reminds me of Chise's VA from MtY

If Mr. Kondo read me a bedtime story, I wouldn't be awake too long..

Episodes of Koi wa ameagari no you ni always feel to me as a breath of fresh air. It was so enjoyable! I loved more relaxed behavior from mr. Kondo, his interactions with Tachibana and birth of a new cute pair! Also invitation to the festival which signifies that Akira is moving on from her trauma and ready to approach friendship in a different way. Weird coincidence, but I've read Akutagava's Rashomon just recently. Great way to show characters mindsets and let them better understand each other. Small detail - the pimple on Kondo's cheek shows us that he is closer to youth than he believes

Pretty good episode. After Kase saw the image Tachibana left in her book you think she be more careful with it but no. I really like Nishida hopefully she gets more screen time.

That’s probably the first time I saw a pimple appear in an anime and it was approached in such a meaningful way

Tachibana's blonde friend was especially cute in this episode. I hope she gets to stay with that guy. :)


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