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[Koi wa Ameagari no you ni] Episode 11 impressions [After the Rain]

Episode 11
"Passing Shower"

Chihiro is so dang cute with the way he acts with Kondo!

meh, I ship it

This episode is mostly a setup for finale. If episode 10 posed a question of will Akira run and Kondou write again, here we get a low point, at least for Akira. Expecting some sort of confrontation between the leads, with Kondou pushing her to stop dicking around, quit the restaurant and get back on her track team.
I just hope it won't be "go read the manga" ending.

Sidenotes: Chihiro is absurdly feminine. And even hamster somehow has an unmistakable "shoujo manga" look.

Manga isn't finished translating yet, but this ep has been translated and the anime merged a few chapters together. I can't see how ep 12 will end, but for those that want more details and events..the manga is a nice read.

That one industry thing that I absolutely despise. What? So the anime is one highly-financed, overly produced trailer for the manga/LN?
I'm sure the Lord of the Rings movies should've stopped at The Two Towers.

A lot of anime is basically a very expensive ad with different companies involved hoping you'll buy some other product, Grimgar from a couple of years ago was mostly an ad for the songs it featured in the middle of each episode, many music related anime is financed by instrument makers trying to push their brand, trying to sell merchandising and of course the source material where the return is greater.
I try to not miss the anime originals each season because even if not always great at least they tried to make anime the main product.

that's some cool looking coffee maker

That's a Hario syphon.

I kinda want an anime focused entirely on Kondo and Chihiro

I really liked this episode and how it conveyed obsessions and regrets. Kondo and Chihiro with their writing in particular felt quite real as both sides were envious of the others lifestyle. And then there's the parallel with Tachibana with running as she looks at her track shoes towards the end and Haruka wanting her back to maintain some commonality in their friendship.
Sucks we only got one more episode left. Feels like we're not gonna have any sort of conclusive ending with the pacing.

This is is just such a good series. I could see it becoming a classic like Kimi no Todoke.

I'm kind of confused about the OP. It feels almost like a red herring. The tone of it is whimsically romantic, which I feel doesn't really match a majority of the show. Yeah, there's a lot of cute stuff crammed into the first three or four episodes, but the latter half up until now has been more introspective and nostalgic rather than anything really romantic. Their "hang-out" at the book fair is the perfect example of that. We get a lot of insight into Kondo's past and character, but I didn't get anything in terms of what you would consider a date. Karakai Jouzu Takagi-san's OP for example does match its subject matter.

Yeah, sure, we learn more about the characters as a whole, but this was marketed as a romance anime. The more intellectual moments they had with Rashomon and books gives them nice little pushes to connected on the spiritual level, but this feels like an arc before they finally comes into terms about romantic feelings at a second chance. Two or three episodes of them figuring out how to be romantically involved.

I'm really going to be disappointed if the finale is Akira deciding to restart track-and-field, and Kondo starting to write again. Then when they see each other at the restaurant, it's status-quo but with a deeper understanding of one another.

The blue-balls of a harem anime ending where it's "Let's all get along with one another at our highschool and have fun days hanging out repeating the same stuff we've shown to the viewer these past twelve episodes!"

OP is Akira dream.

That's a pretty interesting theory.

Well, she actually wakes up in the end of OP after daydreaming in class.

Is it wrong that I like Mr. Kondo hanging out with his buddy more than talking with Akira about her work schedule on sundays ?! (⌐■_■)

nah it's way cooler, at least it was today. I wonder what would buddy think about Akira if he ever gets to know her?

Maybe unpopular opinion but i actually dont want Tachibana to go back to track. I think she is pretty happy working at the diner. She gets to chill with Kondo and she made new friends.

I feel that while the diner is a good place, it's just a place they are both taking refuge to during the rain. When the sun comes out again, will they be swallows that fly again, or will they instead give up the sky?

I thought it was more like she was moving on. In the forgotten phone scene Tachibana didnt go run after them like in episode 2. I kind of thought she was at peace without running. Although I cant say the same for Kondo

Tension is so high in this episode. Stop-lines everywhere. Can't imagine how it would be resolved in one episode.
She's so cute. I'll miss those blushes

This episode didn't really feel like a passing shower, it felt more like sporadic showers. It was happy one minute than melancholic the next, then happy again, etc.

Most of the episodes feel like that to me

I really like the repeat of the client forgetting their phone but contrasted that this time she doesn't run after them.
Really shows that her feelings about running has changed.

Chihiro and Kondo's light novel conversation engaged me so greatly. Although I have seen similar talks in other anime, the way the talk is directed in dialogue was incredibly impactful. I very much look forward to watching the last episode.

For a moment I wasn't sure what part of Kondo and Chihiro's college days they were recalling with that glass tubing. A really nice scene though between the two friends and it was nice seeing the hamster is doing well.
The intensity of the confrontation between Akira and Haruka was really palpable. You can really feel the energy with all the close-ups and the lovely music.

Pretty good episode. This episode really sets up the finale episode. Man this shows really change what it was through out its run. Started off as a romance show now feels like a completely different show.


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