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[Koi wa Ameagari no you ni] Episode 10 impressions [After the Rain]

Episode 10
"Sudden Shower"

I really like how Kondo and Akira's relationship is naturally progressing. I still don't think they'll actually "get together", but the moments they share together are really nice.

They were pretty heavy-handed on that point in the last scene of this episode with the whole, ~"birds staying in the nest will look up at the sky"~ bit. I am really happy with the direction of the series, particularly since now that you can kind of see where the ending is headed.

I feel like I should be used to it, but I'm still surprised how an episode focused on the relationship of a middle aged man and a high school girl going to a 2nd hand book market can be so entertaining.
Always look forward to this show's release

I was struck at how un-rushed that scene was. Even with only three episodes left, they really dwelled on that scene and allowed it to contribute to the overall atmosphere of the show.

Love Akira's outfit for the book fair. Its so rare to see anything that arent skirts or short shorts in anime. Classy and casual af.
The way this is going, it seems that nothing is going to come out of her relationship with Kondo beyond friendship, and I'm completely okay with that. A simple ending where Akira patches up her relationship with her friend and returns to the track team, while Kondo resumes his career as a writer would be perfect.
Not all romantic anime needs to end with explosive, dramatic endings with the guy and the girl getting together. Especially one like Koi wa Ameagari where the story is more about 2 individuals helping the each other find the way back into their old passions than it is about romance.
That being said, I wouldnt be too mad if they still went forward with the romantic ending as long as its in a post-timeskip. Still think the platonic ending would make the most sense though.

I think the author will be able to come up with something great. Every second of this series has been amazing so far and not by coincidence

Her feelings for Kondo still seem to be pretty strong. I wonder how she'll get over those feelings if they don't get together in the end.

I finally get where this story is going.
Guy and Girl meet when they're both at a low point of their life, give each other strength to get back on their feet, and then move on, keeping their relationship platonic.
This is a plot of musical drama "Once" (2007). Hell, that film even has an age difference plot point (leads are 37 and 19). The main difference from Ameagari is that it's from Guy's point of view. Highly reccomend to anyone who enjoys this anime.

That's all assuming that in the end Akira will run and Kondou will write again.

I really loved that movie, especially the song, "Falling Slowly". That song fits well with this anime as well.

Found that song through the show The Last Man on Earth. Love the song and the show.

My god, Akira was really beautiful this episode.

Best girl this season, imo.

Akira, Rin (Yuru Camp), Hinata (YoriMoi), Violet, and Hakumei make up my best girl quinfecta for this season

You can’t forget Ichigo or Zero Two!

They've stripped out all but the important side characters and scenes but otherwise this is a lovely adaptation. I love the animation and voice actors. So much life in small interactions.

Maybe it’s obvious but I felt the postcard foreshadowed their relationship. I don’t think we’ll see them in a relationship, unless there is a time skip in the anime. I think Tachibana needs to mature more, and maybe when she’s older and wiser is when it’ll develop from friendship to hopefully an actual relationship. Either or I really enjoyed the way the story has developed so far!
My heart does go out to Kondo for that little flashback of him writing and basically neglecting his family. It explains why he’s not so gung-ho about writing novels anymore. It did make me smile when Tachibana was supportive of his writing, and his reaction over it! Hopefully he gets the courage to write more novels and he’ll complete one at the end the series or the manga if he hasn’t already!

Huh, i thought the postcard thing was about Haruka.

What an absolutely beautiful episode. The amount of character depth and show don't tell going on for both Kondo and Tachibana is simply fantastic. This and last episode really solidified Kondo as one of the most well-written characters of the season and such an interesting exploration of regret and lost youth. That's not even considering the beautiful way it's tied in with Tachibana's own arc, and how they play off each other thematically. It's simply brilliant.

I enjoyed the various forms of communication showcased in this episode: the "shortest letter" between Akira and Kondo, their metaphor-speak about swallows, the small but meaningful like on the track photo, the one-sided conversation with the doctor, and Kondo's internal monologue. I loved Akira's hairstyle at the book fair, too!

Great development this week. But 2 episodes left, it'll be tough to wrap it all up though. By the looks of things season 2 ain't happening so lets pray the ending blows it out of the ballpark.

This is possibly one of the few romance animes that has zero "romance" in it but, still give me the best butterflies in my tummy. Everything is so dear and sweet- Possibly the first time I've watched an anime also where I don't want the two MCs to end up with someone- the relationship doesn't feel like it would evolve into that and instead simply be friends that support each other.


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