Sunday, March 4, 2018

[Killing Bites] Episode 8 impressions

Episode 8
"Shit...Shit shit shit shit!!"

I was almost worried she wouldn't say it.
Honestly I was on the edge of my seat until the very end.
"What i did in life? I digged holes, i slept. Damn, i did so little in life!"
Damn, Rabbit is me.
I didn't even dig any holes.
You’re never to old to start.
sore ga kiringu baitsu da
I read that in her voice
One straight out of a delinquent manga.
like Cromarti High School?
That's the genre Cromartie parodied.
Saved snake dude? Christ...I'm done.
I mean... She does gain the chance to cut him in half again? Glass half full?
Maybe she can cut him in more than two four pieces next time ? I'd be okay with that.
My prediction: Oshie at the very last episode will become a therianthrope herself only to find Killing Bites has ended.
So what is killing bites again?
Good question. I hope it'll be explained in the next episode.
Something about dental health and... not smoking? I just know that whatever killing bites is it doesn't involve anything 'blunt'.
After Tiger is talking about his idol Leo. I can somewhat say that maybe Leo was taking easy on her... If we take into account nature, the Lion is considered as the king of the jungle, it could have not been named that way if it the lion is actually just a push over. Maybe the series creators just devised a way to remove the lion in the way as it will not sit well in the story telling.
Poor Gorilla guy, ended in two pieces because he fucked up mother nature.... Nature's karma is too fast though....
I am intrigued of what kido is.... maybe a Komodo dragon?
Ya Gorilla dun goofed. At first I thought Kido might be a rhino, given how he changed his arm to that tough hide, and rhino's whole ironhide thing they have going. Would also make sense with his gentle nature. Now I'm wondering if he's some sort of insect, cuz of the face tat and his whole mindless drone thing.
At this point I'm expecting him to be a literal dragon hahah. Or maybe they'll pull some jurassic park shit and he'll be a dinosaur? Ankylosaurus would cover the armor + a club tail-like attack could probably rip something in two.
For currently-existing animals maybe a rhinoceros? Surprised one wasn't included since those things are powerful as fuck. Would be funny if he ends up being an ant and has a ridiculous amount of strength proportional to his size, but is also huge as fuck.
armadillo would be my guess.
I love being able to turn my brain off every week and learn what Killing Bites is.
I still don't know what kind of animal Kido is, but he protected bunny girl. He's earned my respect.
No bulli bunni is what killing bites is.
You have a good point, and I think I agree with your theory. Hopefully, we'll get an explanation of what killing bites is in the next couple of episodes, because it's getting a bit hard to follow.
Hmm Not enough Yoko faces in this episode but look like the next one may have a lot more


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