Sunday, March 11, 2018

[Killing Bites] Episode 9 impressions

Episode 9
"I Will Never Change My Mind About That"

Considering distinct lack of fangs on pangolin I don't see him winning this killing bites.
By default I would bet on him winning, but now I realize why the show has been subtly suggesting to us that the one with the sharpest fangs wins : so that when Brute Pangolin is defeated, we can't say that I came out of nowhere.
The writer for Killing Bites is playing 4D chess.
This face is a strong contender for smug face of the season. I love how much detail they put into her glorious expressions.
The pangolin is like the worlds most trafficked mammal. It makes sense why Kido is so protective of nature.
What the fuck is a pangolin
Some sort of fencer with an accent I've heard
If you've ever watched pokemon. Sandshlashes are pangolins
If you didn't google it already... it is a mammal with huge and hard scales. Looks kind of like a mix between an armadillo and a lizard
I looked it up and its name in another language means "one who rolls up"
I am now fully expecting this guy to turn into a ball and just roll around. Like the Skeleton Wheels in Dark Souls.
That character development though:
"In the past I let others make the decisions for me... BUT NOW IT'S DIFFERENT, this time I chose to let others make the decisions for me because I trust them!"
"Hah, all according to keikaku."
"N-NANI?! She provoked me into letting others make the decisions! What a surprising turn of events and definitely includes all the nothing I did and would've done either way! What a mastermind to play me this way and bring about this truly unpredictable outcome!"
As ridiculous as you make it sound there, I thought it was really well handled. I was all sold on his resolve, and then the rug gets pulled out from under him when it's revealed to be Yoko's plan all along
The thing is, though, even the plan changed nothing. If he was still his old self he would've done nothing different, so provoking him into doing something only for him to reveal that he does nothing because he trusts them, had the very real risk that he would've done something. If she just did nothing at all he still would've left the decisions to the others, therefor everything would've ended up in the very same scenario anyway.
That's the thing, I'm not talking about it being clever in the context of the show itself, I'm talking about how the writer throws the viewer (or at least me) for the loop with that big speech Nomoto gives, making you think that he's making the right choice, and everything's going to go great because Hitomi is Hitomi, only to pull the rug out and realize that was what she wanted all along.
I'm not saying it's 10/10 writing, just that's it's way more clever than this show has any right to be, and it got me excited.
So kido is a pangolin? With that kind of strength I was expecting some kind of apex predator.
I was kinda hoping for a goddamn dinosaur from reconstructing dino DNA. But I guess that would be pretty big leap for a show like this.

Was expecting him to be a komodo dragon but I guess he was already really strong as a human.

Honestly, something like that would have been better. He has green eyes for crying out loud. I thought that was supposed to indicate reptiles/amphibians as opposed to mammals.
I guess it could indicate scales...

I want see someone who is a tardigrade (water bear). Toughest creature on earth. Only animal that can survive in space.

The author already had a manga series about arthropods. (Actually three, but that is the one I read). I think with this one he is avoiding them on purpose.

Nomoto finally makes the big decision to...not do anything and just trust Hitomi. Fucking brilliant character development here. The flashback to the approximately three days they lived together was great as well, they didn't have nearly enough footage to show that they grew closer in any way.
Rabbit is still best girl, I love seeing her fail around the battlefield.
I don't know why, but I think the scene was awesome and brilliantly executed.
Which one? Nomoto? If so, I agree. I got quite excited with his declaration, and I'm not even entirely sure why. Which is why the twist that Yoko goaded him into after all was such a big deal.
This show is better written than it has any right to be.


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