Sunday, March 25, 2018

[Killing Bites] Episode 11 impressions

Episode 11
"Don't Bully Mom"

TIL rabbits have the sharpest fangs.

Have you watched Monty Python?

The one with the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch wins!

As if Ui winning with an accidental kick wasn't great enough, the announcer coming in with that "factoid" was the most hilarious bullshit. I love this damn show.

"There is an natural explanation. We just forgot to mention it. Definitely not an asspull." --NatGeo, probably

Fucker does the exact same thing in his other manga too, and I fucking love it.
One time, the narrator's explanation is literally "X always beats Y. But sometimes, it does not".

Did I go crazy... or where there no "the one with the sharper fangs wins"...?
It can't be, can it? Impossible...


The one with the longest ears wins, duh.

Best girl won!
This show is top tier trash

It's the best kind of trash. The only thing that could make it trashier was if battle damage was actually a thing. I miss the days of Ikkitousen, and this was almost there.

Don't make me remind of Ikkitousen, i had so much fun watching that...

It's a masterpiece of trash tbh. I enjoyed every second of the journey.

Rabbit incisors clearly the sharpest.

Now I want a cute little Hitomi plushie

Cute Hitomi plushie that bites you and threatens to kill you <3.

Cute Hitomi plushie that bites you and threatens to kill you constantly reminds you of what Killing Bites is

Seing Yoko constantly switching between despair and rejoice gave me the weirdest boner.

I love this shit.
If you had told me at the beginning of the season that I would be several weeks behind on Violet Evergarden but never late for an episode of Killing Bites I wouldn't have believed you, yet here we are.

lol, it's the same thing for me. Wound up putting VE on the shelf after two episodes, yet I've watched KB every Friday afternoon like clockwork.

VE's first four episodes are meh. The last 7 are absolute fucking gold.
Bring tissues.

As expected, Youko's reactions this week are all gold!

Hitomi was so fucking hardcore! Using her own claws as a throwing knife and then finishing Pangolin of with her arm straight down his throat? Brutal!
Also Ui winning with that kick was no surprise! Bunnies have powerful back legs that can do some damage especially if their nails are't trimmed.
Anyway I feel like the show will end in a weird place though. We only have one episode left but they still decided to introduce one more plot point. Unless they already have plans for Season 2? I hope there is because I am really enjoying the fuck out of this show!

From the manga point of view it's actually the perfect jumping off point - ties the story up adequately with a potentially devastating twist/cliffhanger for a future series. No idea how it's done in Japan though so who knows.

It was hilarious watching Youko going from smug bitch to "fuck my life" twice.
Brutal is definitively what I'd call those last moves of hers. OMG, right in his mouth.

Embarrassed Youko is kinda cute...

Embarrassed Youko is kinda cute...


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