Sunday, March 18, 2018

[Killing Bites] Episode 10 impressions

Episode 10
"Let's Go Together"

Honey badgers can bite and break the shell of a turtle with their fangs. And guess who has a tough shell.

Guess who has the sharpest fangs...

but if you have the sharpest fangs does that mean you win?

Yes. That's what killing bites is.

Yoko's smug and victorious pose were on point ... but I should have seen that coming considering her grandpa, the tongue moves a bit too much ... still hot!
Small Hitomi was cute but oh boy she is even tanned now.
Another stitch of Hitomi.

I hear Yoko and her grandpa are very popular with the ladies.

So what is Hitomi exactly? This new/original form doesn't even remotely resemble a Ratel anymore.

What, the white hair isn't an obvious indicator? She has reached Ultra Instinct now!

Super Saiyan Ratel form

This anime really is just ecchi furry DragonBall, And I'm fine with that.

Best. Episode. Ever. Not a second that wasn't pure hype.
First part - non-stop action, best fight choreography since episode 1, this isn't even my final form twist.
Second part - comedic and heartwarming moments worthy of the best moe shows, amazing backstory for Shidou/Hitomi relationship, Announcer-chan spotlight.
Omake - I ship Nomoto and Oshie, next two episodes is enough time for them to start liking each other.

Yeah really surprised the flashback didn't ruin the episode. Usually I hate them, especially in combat but it seemed to fit pretty well.

Kid Ratel is so damn cute. I really enjoyed Shidoh's feral child befriending adventure. nom
I wonder how accurate the chinese was. Interesting that they choose to have them actually speak in a foreign language and have them subtitled.

The Chinese is about as bad as anime English usually is, for comparison. It's pretty obvious it's someone who's not even close to a native speaker, and to make it worse, they have Hong Kong locals speaking Mandarin when Cantonese would make more sense.

I'm somewhat fluent in chinese and even I can't really understand what they were saying without reading the subs

Haha, too bad. I thought they might have some Chinese actors nearby and decided to make it more real, but alas, just window dressing.

Yoko has finally gone full Kakegurui XD

Well, she is definitely her granddaughter, that's for sure.

HOLY SHIT SHINOZAKI IS A FUCKING BADASS! Who knew our announcer girl can fucking kickass! I wonder if she's also a therianthrope? And if she is what animal is she?

THAT'S WHO SHE IS. I knew I was supposed to recognize her, but somehow I couldn't put 1 and 1 together.
Man, I am so stoked for next week it's not even funny.

Can Pangolins really deflect bullets and hammerstrikes?
I can't find anything about it on google except bulletproof vests, pretty cool though if they can.

Georgia man wounds mother-in-law after bullet ricochets off armadillo

florida man doing the science others are too afraid to do.


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