Wednesday, March 7, 2018

[Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san] Episode 9 impressions [Skilled Teaser Takagi-san]

Episode 9
"Cell Phone"

That phone call was so cute!!!

That was such a sweet moment, though for a moment I thought that Takagi was going to quickly say how beautiful the moon was, just as she hung up.

I think I would have gone into a sugar coma at that point.

Perfect Takagi win.
[video-to-gif output image]

Thanks to that, Nishikata can easily win the contest now and on top of that, he has a new wallpaper.

Now that he got this picture, we can finally add a win for Nishikata in the scoreboard.

I can't explain why but the scene felt like she was really happy that she actually got photos of him instead of just laughing at the fact that she scared him and got some funny photos of him.

Something that I really like about this anime is even though each episode have different little stories, we can see progress and consistency trough out the anime. For example, Nishikata still doing push ups

Yes! This is partially why I like it so much. SoL comedy shows where they're episodic but have no continuation sort of bore me.

Takagi-san and Nishikata dancing around hanging up the phone call melted me. Young love vibes

I wonder if Nishikata will ever realize how much of a lucky bastard he is.

The final episode lol

Use it to make a deal with her! Like asking Takagi to be his girlfriend! And then take more pictures of her! Or better yet, pictures WITH her! Yeah! That will show Takagi-san!

The whole point of this episode was to show that they already are in a relationship and Nishikata doesn't know, specially the part of "You hang up, no you hang up"

The whole point of this episode entire anime was to show that they already are in a relationship and Nishikata doesn't know,

Nishikata should have a different body if he keeps doing push-up after each time being teased by Takagi.

I would love to see them in the future and Nishikata is swoll as hell.

Takagi singing chiisana koi no uta WAS GREAT

reminded me of goosehouse's rendition of the song. no wonder it sounded so familiar at first.
for those wondering how their version sounds:

This show is almost over and Monday's will no longer be fun.

True but Spring 2018 is shaping up to be the most hype anime season in years. Only thing is what days these new anime will air
ofc we could read the manga every monday lol

At this point I'm totally sure that Takagi is going to trick him into marrying her, and he would still not know it.

Takagi: married people look so happy right Nishikata?
Nishikata: Oh! Hmm... yeah.
Nishikata to himself: WAIT! I’ve got it! I’ll ask her to marry me to tease her! She’ll never see it coming haha I’m a genius!
Something like that probably.


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