Tuesday, March 20, 2018

[Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san] Episode 11 impressions [Skilled Teaser Takagi-san]

Episode 11
"Fortune Telling"

The critical hit he never knew he landed
Flustered Takagi-san is nice too
That last part was a critical hit to me as well. Such a nice episode, and who would have thought Takagi-san was also a drawing master?

My god Nishikata! Just imagine if he would of just kept walking after saying that!! It would of been the fuckin blow among blows!

more than a crit that was a 10 second stun right there

Damn, I can't stop watching that part! Flustered Takagi is just god-tier!

I have re-watched it over 6 times already

Get rekt Takagi-san

Nishikata was just a stat whore, his build was all about crits.

takagi losing her breath at the end brokoro'd my kokoro. that's just way too much cute right there.

It was so fucking awesome at the end I rewatched it already five times :D It is so damn good. Sadly he doesn't know he hit his critical and yes if they kept walking holy damn shit.

im gonna miss takagi-mondays so much :'(

It was definitely the best way to start the week.

Let’s hope for a season 2 even tho I doubt it ;-; Please no manga spoilers because I think I’ll read it after this season ends.

The Manga currently has 75 chapters and I think this S1 covered...... Around half. I literally read the Manga after last week episode and got caught up this morning except for one specific chapter that I'll be shocked they won't do next week

best romcom since gekkan shoujo. at least we can say that we were alive for this joyous event.

I'd say since tsuredure children.

tsuredure was good, but it wasn't at the level of gekkan imo. takagi just about hits the level of gekkan


Too bad he will never know it.
And now... we only have one episode left...

Special ending this week! Man, I'm really going to miss Mondays with this show and Ryuo. It was good seeing Takagi flustered too, Critical Hit indeed.

The way they animated "Turning Point" Chapter is 10/10 indeed...that pure and innocent love back then and how it throws you back in your own youthful days was heart warming.
With that chapter done I hope they'll also include the omake and extend it and also that one chapter that will really seal the deal for this season.

They made Takagi's sigh+blush extra cute!!! Plus, flustered Nishikata was cute too!!! So much cute in this episode!!

Takagi-san critical hit! receives 99 damage...

Im reaaalllly hoping the last episode to be that specific chapter

You guys have been hyping that shit up, it better be adapted and it better be amazing!!!

EXACTLY. On one hand I am going to be so sad it's going to be done, on the other hand holy shit I want that chapter that these people keep talking about adapted.

I want season 2 of this anime T_T
This is going to end Next week, and Yuru camp is going to end this week. What will cheer me up without these shows huh? T_T

well, next season you've got;
wotakoi (cute office romance)
hinamatsuri (comedy with [faux]father/daughter hijinks)
amanchu! (junichi satou sol training project)
comic girls (another kirara cgdct)
tachibankan (fluffly yuri ecchi comedy)
uma musume (cute horse girls)
one (or more) of those will hopefully suffice.


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