Tuesday, March 13, 2018

[Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san] Episode 10 impressions [Skilled Teaser Takagi-san]

Episode 10
"Who’s Taller?"
"I Hate the Cold"
"Two-Choice Question"

Who am I kidding, he lost harder than usual this episode.
This is the hardest shes ever worked him.
Oh yeah he got his ass blasted today.
Takagi really has no chill and my god do I love her for that.
Dude got wrecked in the episode. Like, I was almost getting embarassed myself!
When your enemy goes on the offensive
Nishikata's broken English perfection. "Gakuran-is-just-fit"
N.B. that's not broken English. "Jastofitto" is waseigo (和製語) (a native Japanese word formed by cobbling together elements of foreign languages, typically but not necessarily English).
Oh, thanks for the save. I was sorta going by the way he said it more than what he said
 Only 4 minutes in and Takagi's "HMMM"s are already legendary
 Can't beat Rie Takahashi.
I hope Nishikita asks Takagi out in one of two ways:     
  1. He does it as a joke in an attempt to catch Takagi off-guard but it backfires and she accepts nonchalantly
  2. He does it seriously and it's the one thing to catch her off-guard, resulting in his first "victory"
 Has to be #2 right? Only way he'll win.
 Unless he never wins.
 Unless he's been winning this whole time... my god
Nishikita gets to spend everyday with Takagi.
Takagi can never be teased by Takagi.

Who's the real winner?

I am pretty sure Takagi is a mutant and can read minds at this point.

No, Nishikata is just stupidly easy to read and have a clear speech pattern for normal and when he plan something

Explains her fivehead

Makes sense. Look at this. Not even a single trace of blush - she can't be an anime girl.

There's definitely some blush there though. Her cheeks are clearly a slightly darker shade of pink than the rest of her face.

Mina is too precious loool, I'd like a spinoff full of her shenanigans.

I kept on rewatching this scene because she was just so cute here. AAAAAAAAAA

Her eyebrows could be their own character

For the Duration of any Episode this series i just have a big wide smile on my face! This is to precious!

I am the exact same. I never would have thought a show about two people walking too and from school could be so enjoyable.

The Takagi-offensive was especially bold this episode and Mina was extra cute. They're really making sure that I miss this show when it ends.
You like krabby patties don't you Squidward

I'm just waiting for the anime to end to start reading the manga. I don't think I can keep living without this


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