Thursday, March 29, 2018

[Gintama] Episode 353 impressions

Episode 353
"Bushido Is Found One Second Before Death"

The staff sure know how to work an anime. Hyped up the incoming of new characters, left off at Elder Son and Takasugi entrance... Asses leaking all over the place... No fan worth half his salt can possibly miss the first July episode now.
I don't know why all the animation discontent is going around, I personally loved it. Hope they keep up the good work.

Me neither, it's like they saw the meh looking dakini episode and then just instantly applied its animation to all the following episodes in their mind for some reason.
This season has been very consistent overall, with great art, usually great animation, and good directing and pacing, minus a couple skipped scenes like the tsukuyo/ kyubei scene- seriously...why...
But in general they did a great job!
10/10, can't wait for next cour!

I know it's a nitpick but I am really sad we didn't get to see tsukuyo/kyubei's moment

So they kept all the serious stuff for next arc, it seems it will be one of the darkest then...
Zura and Takasugi in their old jouishishi uniforms is certainly one of the most epic moments in the whole show. It is very rare to have "side characters" in a show take as much importance, and that's why I love Gintama !
The gags were especially well done this episode. Kondo laundry, Zenzou medicine and Shinpachi's champoo ! Classic Gintama but never fail to make me laugh ! F*ck I already miss them !

that was a great ending now to wait for the second part in a few months oh the pain ;_;
preview for next episode also didnt help lol

db super and gintama both finish on the same day, worst day ever

switching the OP and ED, nice! the jokes were absolutely hilarious - they don't get old even though i've read them in the manga twice already. seeing katsura dressed up the same as his joui days was awesome, i've always loved seeing his hair in that side ponytail (even though its the dead mom hairstyle). HYPE for takasugi!! i can't wait to see the rest animated; it's gonna be a long wait until july

don't they flip flop the OP and ED at the last episode at every arc so they can recap scenes with the OP?

Not every arc. Just some arcs and usually at the end of the season.

The ending is definitely my favorite ED of the season. I gotta say top 3 in Gintama(Samurai's heart will always be the best Gintama ED)

Fantastic way to end the season! I loved all the false leads in the search for Gengai, totally forgot about the Zenzou one, and it was glorious. Katsura getting serious was amazing, and Nobu Nobu's taking that next step in his redemption was great.
Takasugi's entry was the perfect way to end things; anime-onlys (onlies?) have a LOT to look forward to in July, things only get better from here!

It's a pity we have to wait until July for it to come back but I'm excited as ever for what's to come :D

I can't wait for the next season! It's going to be epic. The OP will probably feel serious this time... And I hope they will create a new soundtrack for SS arc because they use the Yoshiwara and SA soundtrack very often which always makes me think of the Shogun instead. Whenever I heard the SA OST this episode, I had a feeling that Takasugi or the Yatos were going to jump out on the screen.. Wait... THEY ACTUALLY DID!!

Im disappointed though. That ED I think was the perfect fit to end Gintama. Hope they can come up with an even better ED to end Gintama!

Love how Zura went Kotaro the run away, while Takasugi dusted off the classic jacket! Takasugi's appearance intro, should definitely be top 10 in anime. It's moments like this where I laugh at people who say "Gintama is just a comedy anime. I can't wait that long for some seriousness" or something like that... Now hopefully Gintoki goes full shiroyasha again

Final season so they say

Sorachi be laughing at the animation team at Bandai Namco Pictures XD

the pacing this season was a fucking mess after Episode 348, idk wtf were they thinking after having it almost perfect up to 348 loll, hopefully next cour isn't like this
But overall it was good, now I know they'll at least do the first half of next four justice(but I don't see the 2nd half being done justice)

348 was the only episode with bad pacing. A lot of stuff was cut from the episodes after that, but cutting stuff from the manga doesn't equal bad pacing.

It's not only that, it's also how they placed teams sacfrice at the start rather than end, rushed the tsukuyo/kyuubi conversation, but then kept all the hardboiled and his club was so weird lol

The real fights begin! They're probably going to make another 13 episode cour for a certain fight with somebody and leave off with our main antagonist.

This episode would had been perfect but they DIDNT FUCKING PLAYED TAKASUGI'S SONG, its sad cus the sound design has been great all the way this season, the way they abruptly cut the sad songs for comedic effect this episode was hilarious

Loved the ending, makes it even harder of a wait for the new episodes.

Part 2 is gonna be soooooo good. Kudos to staff for hyping up the best part (yet) of the soul silver arc.
The last few minutes were intense as fuck

was there Kamui in the next preview? Neat, i'm so HYPED to see him again with Kagura fighting side by side! till july though...


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