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[Gintama] Episode 352 impressions

Episode 352
"Peace and Destruction Are Two Sides of the Same Coin"

I really apreciated that moment where Gin gives serious praise to Kagura and Shinpachi. You don't see Gin say such sincere praise a lot of the times to his partners.

Oh my God. That end scene really hit me. Soyo be strong! I can't wait for the next episode.

Loved this episode. It gave me everything I could ask for: a rest from the war, Evangelion parody, Shinpachi being adorable, tons of fun character interaction moments, and of course, Pandemonium. The ending with Soyo and NobuNobu hit me especially hard. It's nice to see the characters get a break after working so hard... and that goes for the animation staff too! Take some well-deserved time off so that you can come back stronger than ever.

No one sleeps in Kabuki District. Also is just me or has Sa-chan become more brazen with her advances? She straight up is going for Gin's dick now. Must be final episode syndrome.

I love how when the longer you analyze the picture, the more silly it gets.

Get on the damn HEVA, Gin-san!

One of my personal favourite episodes from (animated) SS arc so far. Simply amazing! Seriously, 10/10. I was laughing while reading the manga already but the voice actors did such a great job I shed tears of laughter when watching the anime. Pacing was very good this time as well.
Favourite moments:
*Gintoki basically invented the ultimate weapon with a split personality. Congratulations lol.
*"Perfect weather for a war." - Ketsuno Ana. She appeared for a few seconds but managed to shine with a single line.
*Pandemonium-san and her epic comeback. KonTae reunion that was even more hilarious thanks to Kondo's VA and his top-notch transition from smooth "I finally came back to you" to crazy screaming. I was hoping the Pandemonium's VA would voice the line of Otae-pandemonium and she really did.
*Unexpected love triangle: Shinpachi and Kondo fighting over Pandemonium-san.
*"They captured Gengai! - Nevermind." What's wrong, Hijikata-san? They are just having there a hot and cool party!
*Ominous Yato. I can feel it in the air it's gonna be epic.
*Nobume and Soyo's scene mixed with the ending even though it was short. I finished crying from laughter so now I can cry because of all those feels. Shou-chan and Isaburo...
I refuse to comment on whatever was Sa-chan doing to Gintoki this episode.

Yay for adding more of the cast in the OP! I missed the silliness Gintama is known for, glad to see them up to such craziness again

man that ending scene with the song playing over it gave me some chills. another great episode. Gintama is just on a roll with this arc.

Was that Takasugi in the preview? It looks like him.
And looking at Gintoki's reaction, Sa-chan was really doing that.
Anyways, I loved this episode, really funny, I love how they always switch from serious fights to funny scenes.

If that transmission from NobuNobu got through, does that mean the effect of the bugs is wearing off?

I’m guessing the Yato mercenaries got Gengai to reverse it somehow? I’m not exactly sure how it works because I thought the implication was that the bugs destroyed the machines not just temporarily disabled them

I was wondering where the hell was Sadaharu. Yorozuya will not let make the same mistake with Soyo-chan, personal guard.
If you think about it, gedoumaru knew exactly what to do, brought an army and food for everyone, she even makes sure that all get a pandemonium, even if they were sleeping.

The aftercredits scene said that gintama will be taking a short break after the next episode. How long would this "short break" be?

I think they announced that it would be returning in July

Summer season is going to be unreal

Ahaha fucking christ Gintoki, that jab at Kondo "I can't. You are not human, you are an ape". Shinpachi was adorable. Especially that speach torwords all people of the district . And his love for Pandemonium-san. So were all Gintama girls. And Gintoki I love you. Showing such strong affection torwords Kagura and Shinpachi. That was so sweet.

Dadtoki putting Kagura and Shinpachi to bed before him because they were nodding off. ;w;
Pandemonium-san and Shinpachi are finally reunited again! :D

Oof Soyo talking with Nobunobu. That's some heavy left-over feelings.

Soyo & Nobume:"Sorry. We don't know how to play the straight man very well."

so many characters had decent screen time, really fun episode


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