Tuesday, March 13, 2018

[Gintama] Episode 351 impressions

Episode 351
"Jump and Power Creep Go Hand-in-Hand"

everyone gets a flashback but you Also by the end of this, everyone will appear in the evergrowing OP

One of the funniest jokes of the past few weeks. Only Gintama would transform an actual writing problem into a joke.

The fourth wall breaking in this episode was hilarious

Is it Gintama if the 4th-wall-breaks weren't funny?


My favorite character :)

Hedoro confirmed strongest character in Gintama.

hedoro vs umibozu
i want to see it

I was waiting for Hedoro to appear. Now, I'm only worried because the Yato haven't shown themselves yet...

And the sun is setting so they're gonna have to fight yatos at night. The only other time they've done that to my memory is in Yoshiwara.

You can say they were in nightish in the Shogun Assassination arc or maybe the skies were just dark? Also in the previous arc it was also dark.

When specifically? I don't remember them fighting yato in the dark in either one. Regardless i doubt it'll be a factor but i think it'd be cool if it was. Kind of like how benders in Avatar are affected by the sun and moon.

NEVER touch Hedoro's flower.
RIP Earth

RIP Gin-san. He literally ripped the flower off

Gintoki coming out of all these bodies was badass as hell.
Jirocho interrupting Katsuo's flashback from within his flashback. Poor guy.
My boy Hedoro is back and ready to kick ass. Holy shit he is strong.
Furthermore, my girl Gedomaru is back and she is fresh out of mercy. Appearently she killed Satan. With those eyes, I fully believe her.
Poor Gin, thrown to a monster by another monster. This can't end well.
Great episode as always, even if the animation could have been a little better in the Gin and Jirocho's fight.

I literally was thinking "man are we really gonna have a flash back for this guy now of all times". I got trolled good lol.

god the strained sound gintoki makes at the end when he plucks the flower off hedoro’s head was just... fantastic. who knew a single grunt could convey so much despair

Finally Gedoumaru comes back and brings hell with her.
Lucky for the Liberation army Hedoros family wasn't in town.

It's so nice seeing all of these characters showing up to the final go around. Haven't seen most of them in who knows how many episodes, and it's still amazing.

This episode was freaking hilarious, both flashback denial and everyone running away from Hedoro made me laugh so hard.

I didn’t even expect that hedoro was going to be in this, but his facial structure in the flashback was unmistakable, everyone pouring in even gedomaru and the weather girl!

Otose looking at her husband was really sweet. And damn, Hedoro sure is strong, with only one punch Ougai was knocked out.
Next episode will be the return of Pandemonium-san!


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