Wednesday, March 7, 2018

[Gintama] Episode 350 impressions

Episode 350
"Bragging About Your Own Heroic Deeds Will Make People Hate You, so Make Others Do It For You"

Samurai Heart intensifies.

Still the best ED of all of anime... imo

Jirocho's appearance was just pure hype, ermahgerd.
Also, on the preview "Just your friendly neighborhood florist."
BRUH, THAT'S SUPPOSED TO BE HEDORO RITE, damn they're bringing lots of old characters in, i'm even more hyped for next week.

Of course they are, It's the final arc after all.

Best episode of the season. Jirocho is such an amazing character which speaks volumes as to how few episodes he's been in the series. I swear to god there is no other show that can make me laugh and cry simultaneously the way Gintama does. I'm sad its finally ending but I know we're in for one hell of a final ride.

Woah, that was a great episode!
Seeing the characters from the 4 Devas arc makes me so happy, it's my favorite serious one, although this one is definitely getting close.
The flashback was too good.

Gintama has the best cast of female characters in any series. Not there just for the eye candy.

that episode felt both long and short at the same time - not at all a bad thing though!
i loved the interactions between kyubei and tsukuyo, need to see more of their friendship... eventually
so glad to see pirako and jirocho back again, and i loved that ending scene with jirocho slashing into the "to be continued" card.

Couldn't stop laughing in the first half of the episode, ah i love gintama.

Jirocho and Pirako are back! And their intro was so funny yet so hype. I want to take as much of badass Pirako I can.
Also, dunno if someone already said so, just got aware the guy at the end of the OP is Tatsugoro.

here i thought it was Madao

Since the moment Jirocho and Pirako appeared, everything was perfect. I was happy to hear 4 Devas soundtrack as well and because we don't get to hear it often, it left an impression on me.
That being said, Kyu-chan and Tsukuyo's scenes were awfully rushed and it's an unpleasant surprise for me the studio skipped some of the dialogues again. I always thought Gintama anime was faithful to the manga source and only rarely skipped an unnecessary line or two. Maybe it's just my opinion but it wasn't the case with Tsukki and Kyuu-chan. Their lines helped to create the impact of Kyuu-chan's sudden injury. Sadly, it felt rather weak in this episode.
EDIT: I realized they actually skipped much more than Kyu-chan and Hinowa's lines but can't remember all of it. Once the anime is over, I highly recommed you to read chapters 620-623.

Yeah they actually adapted the entirety of Hata's chapters but not Kyubei and Tsukuyo's. At least the animation was great this episode.

Poor Kyubei :(
Jirocho is back! His return had me fanboying.
Jirocho being a father is hilarious.

Jirochon is best daddy <3

This Silver Soul Arc is making me think of moving Gintama up the ladder on my favorite anime list. This rollercoaster of a show is sure putting on a crazy good final ride.

Jirocho and Tatsugoro = Gintoki and Hijikata (different but similar in a way)
Also Jirocho has always loved Otose, but has Otose always had the same feelings for him? or she only sees him as long time mutual friends?

Holy crap, this episode was awesome! Jirocho being a doting father to Pirako was hilarious. It was so nice to hear that familiar OST from the Four Devas arc once again. :D

Man, the studio hates Kyuubi and Tsaukuyo lol(with them cutting out their dialogue and rushing their scenes this episode and last weeks episode)
To give you guys a idea, they gave Hardboiled and Host Club guys all the dialogue and took time with it...while Kyuubi and Tsukuyo had cut dialogue and glossed over some of the parts in their scenes from the manga

That's exactly what I was thinking... To be honest, I don't care about Kyuu-chan that much compared to other characters but I actually enjoyed her role in SS arc and was looking forward to this scene. The way she acknowledged she is proud to be a woman is so important for her development and yet they rushed it. I also loved how her friendship with Tsukuyo bloomed as they're similar in some ways. And then Yoshiwara. Am I wrong or have they skipped like... half of the entire dialogue??
I'm disappointed the anime didn't do justice to these emotional moments.

This episode was so good. The hype, the action, the character moment for Tsukuyo and Kyubei. Jirocho and Pirako's entrance.
Also, I have to say, I love the overprotective daddy Jirochon. Him and Pirarin are so cute together. After she grew up without a father, Jirocho is now doing everything she says because he has to make up for it. It is just too cute how he became like Umibozu. I love it.


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