Tuesday, March 27, 2018

[Fate/Extra: Last Encore] Episode 9 impressions

Episode 9
"Golden Theater of the Deranged ― Aestus Domus Aurea ―"

That puppet show was gorgeous. Also finally we see the Golden Theater!
I kinda wish there was a VR version of it where you could walk around inside of it.

≫tfw forced to bow down to the user
Nero's NP is pretty OP isnt it?

Well it is an absolute imperial zone where her very will rules. Though I believe it is balanced by her Migraine skill, which limits a lot of the things she can do with it.

Her migraine skill just resets her Imperial Privledge tho? She can maintain the theater as long as there's a consistent Mana supply afaik

≫That puppet show was gorgeous.
Felt the same as Shinobu's OPs.

It is the same style, and for the EDs of some of the seasons

I really liked Nero's story, the animation was really beautiful. And her finally using her Noble Phantasm was great, I love it.

The NP was very well drawn and animated but I'm abit salty they didn't play her theme song. In all games she appeared in it always play whenever the NP activates so idk why they left it out.

Probably because the entire scene lasted less than 20 seconds. No real point in just playing the OST I'd guess.

If Extella could do it in less than 20s, idk why the anime couldn't do it. The speech she said in the anime as she activates the NP is abit longer and the animation of her rushing towards Li is also longer too.

i really liked how they handled nero's backstory

I'm so glad that they gave Hakunon a voice and it's none other than Chiwa Saito Yui Ishikawa (Mikasa, Violet Evergarden)

Huh, isn't Hakunon's voice is done by Ishikawa Yui? I remember the credit in the ep7 was her.
Chiwa Saito voiced another popular character, though, with her iconic "Mikon!"

Casual reminder to watch the post-credits scene!

how is rani still up and about though

She was a cyber ghost, same as Alice and Julius (hence why she faded away in the post-credits scene).

Implication here is that Rin is one too, right?

Either that or they're all Casko in disguise

So that line about the master needing to know the servant's true name for them to unleash their noble phantasm... Is that only true for the Fate/Extra universe or what? I feel like there have been situations in other fate works where that wasn't true but I'm not sure now...

if they mention their noble phantasm name, their identity is basically revealed. thats why they dislike giving out true names and identify each other by their class until their names have been revealed

That has nothing to do with this unless you were reading a different translation.

My favorite episode so far. Saber was so amazing! Her NP was beautiful! Hakuno was pretty kickass too. Loving this series!

I really love Hakunon's design, so having Shaft throw us a bone for her is a nice treat.
She's the FemMC we don't deserve, but need.


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