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[Fate/Extra: Last Encore] Episode 8 impressions

Episode 8

Heads up to everyone who might not have noticed, what might be the most important part of the episode is after the credits so make sure to watch that.

Yeah it was an unusually long after-credit scene and holy shit I need the next episode now.

Can you explain it?

I can explain certain elements with knowledge from the game, but exactly what is going on with her is anyone's guess, since this is a massive departure from the game plot.

YES! Now this is the storytelling I expected from the beggining, the things that episode 1 promised and that the later episodes barely touched on. The mystery, the philosophy, the mindfuckery that make Nasu's works great, it's here. Episodes 2-6, while good, were much more focused on their "monster of the week" so to say while this one was more "hey let's spend 2 minutes debating what constitutes a genius". Episode 7 was also like this one but to a lesser extent I think.
We finally got the Dead Face thing totally spelled out for us. So Hakuno (who isn't Hakuno) is all the leftover hatred of the victors of the Holy Grail War that were killed by Glasses Guy when they reached the top because Glasses Guy judged them unworthy or something. But what is Glasses Guy exactly and how does he have such power?
And then there's Hakunon. She was indeed Saber's previous master and it looks like she is one of the people whose grudges formed Hakuno, which might explain their similar-ish appearance. And the most important part, the after-credits scene. Just what does Hakunon want to show him?
I'm super excited to find out in next week's episode, and I haven't had this anticipation in any of the previous episodes.

Anyway, here's Saber being cute

So they skipped the 4th floor, considering the apparent short broadcast and it containing the weakest antagonists in the game I'm quite fine with.

I absolutely loved this episode. Julius is imo the best part of Fate/Extra and they're doing him really well so far. I really loved the reveal of who Hakuno actually is and the way they slotted in female Hakuno was amazing. Last Encore is easily the most slept on show this season and deserves way more love.

Who is julius from a non game player

Murderous assassin brother of Leo Harway, that blonde aristocrat dude who murdered a dude with chess in the first episode.

So we skipping 4th floor? Understable, that week in game was worst part of game, gave absolutly nothing to story.
Julius is here and with his apperance we start to getting some answers to our many questions.
Mysterious helper saved the day! Kinda easy too quess who it is, but whatever.
The scene after credits. Great monologue followed by meeting Hakunon in really familiar room.

Holy shit the fight animation was one level above this episode.

Anyone realize that the story of Hakuno is very similar to the PC character of Dark Souls 3? Both Hakuno and the Ashen One are both the remnants or amalgamation of all of those who failed their quest/task. Also the idea that the SERAPH and the moon cell are essentially dying is very similar to the whole idea of Dark Souls with the flame fading away.

Yes, I was talking to some friends about it. most "bosses" are fragments of the past like in Dark souls 3 and humanity slowly fading way without anyone trying to save it everyone gave up, closest things to a Dark souls anime besides berserk haha.

Nasu is a souls fan so that makes sense

I'm just saying, if the endgame of this is that Hakuno finally becomes a person by rematerializing Hakunon's soul and becoming her so we can experience glorious Ishikawa Yui for the last couple of episodes, I would not complain.

I'm dumb, I really need this spelled out for me. So our protaganoist is just pieces of the hatred from all the masters who went up against the guy at the top of the tower who has that super powerful servant? He was created solely to get revenge?

More or less. He's sort of amalgam of their resentment and hatred, but I wouldn't say he was "created" so much as he "came into being." Basically, SE.RA.PH had a sort of garbage disposal for negative emotions that stopped working when SE.RA.PH shut down, and eventually the garbage became sentient.

So for once, the MC really is garbage

Sieg still has him beat. He'll have to step up his game.

Pretty much, yeah, though I think he also embodies all dead masters, not just the ones that reached the top. The concept of the grudge is a pretty popular concept in Japanese culture, so Hakuno is basically the personification of a bunch of dead masters' grudges that were released because SERAPH got fucked up. He just took a form similar to Hakunon's for some reason, which will probably be revealed next episode.

My theory is that Hakuna has that body because the last one to die was Hakunon. That is why the first scene of the Anime is her dying, only to suddenly pass to Hakuno.


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