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[Fate/Extra: Last Encore] Episode 7 impressions

Episode 7

I used to think I understand about 3% of this anime. Nope. It's in the negatives now. At this point I'm just a potato staring at Umu and Tohsaka(???).
Thank you for your work on the subs, OP. You've managed to not only capture this whole episode in 3 words, but the way I feel until someone smart explains what the fuck is going on.

Which bits are confusing you? I don't mind explaining


Uhhh, important for us to remember is that MC(Hakuno) is not someone who seems to actually exist like the rest of the masters who showed up as people to a HGW.

He's a glitch that has fought the HGW many, many, many times as slightly different avatars each time. He is able to do this -now explicitly- because Moon Cell (the supercomputer in which the battle is taking place) doesn't seem able to completely kill people who are already "not alive".

Nursery Rhyme subsumed her Master and once her master died lacked an avenue from which to absorb magic to stay alive (this happens because Moon Cell can't comprehend killing the "already dead" Alice for surrendering to Hakuno). So she ate the entire floor, thing by thing, until she became the floor itself.

The floor can sustain itself, so she no longer has to search for magical energy as it is provided by Moon Cell. It's a horrifying place because she thought the story was that "Onii-Chan" never comes back and "Alice" lives forever alone waiting for him.
Hakuno manages to convey that the story is really that Hakuno will visit her every time he/she dies or until he/she wins the Holy Grail War and saves her. That's why Nursery Rhyme turns back to her "Alice" form and the floor heals when Hakuno leaves/Nursery Rhyme has he change of heart.

This all makes sense to me but I'm still a little confused about who Nursery Rhyme's Master was. Was it the Alice girl sick in bed? Or Amari?
And I'm assuming this is the order of events: NR Master Alice dies > NR meets and plays with first Hakuno as the "already dead" Alice > NR surrenders to Hakuno allowing him to ascend, but since she's "already dead", she remains on the floor > NR waits for Hakuno and slowly warps herself into a monster by feeding off floor energy to stick around.

Just spitballing, but it appears to me that "Alice" was the name of the master in the bed and the way that Amari works into the story may be that she came to the third floor to fight and eventually died there because she couldn't find Nursery Rhyme/Alice and Rin as shown in the flashbacks wouldn't fight her so she eventually became part of the dreams and ghosts that haunt the third floor that Alice/Nursery Rhyme has incorporated into her story.

Now I'm sad. Couldn't we get an outcome where everyone's happy? Seeing Alice/Nursery Rhyme cry is not fun.
On a more positive note, though, looking good there, Rin. Could anyone make a stitch of the down-up shot after that?

This was the best that could be done with that shot.
She shifts her position midway, so a unified stitch is impossible, unfortunately.

Excellent, many thanks.

Alice did nothing wrong. Great episode and it seems like Hakuno's starting to piece things together.

Some things I didn't quite understand: how did the monster not reset time again? it obviously has to do with the book Hakuno picked up but what was it?

The book itself is Nursery Rhyme, I believe. But the reason why Monster Alice didn't time loop again was because she saw Hakuno and realized who he was, and finally decided to stop the timeloop to prevent all the needless suffering. That's why she looked at the book before she got her head chopped off. She was actually cancelling its effects.

So tohsaka has lancer's power. I hope she hasn't also his power of dying.

Depends. Maybe she has FGO Cu's power of dying. In which case she's pretty much immortal.

jesus christ that was a painful episode. Full of heart wrenching memories from extra and new painful feelings from this one.


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