Monday, March 5, 2018

[Fate/Extra: Last Encore] Episode 6 impressions

Episode 6
"Perpetual Engine・Maiden Empire -Queens's・Glass Game-"

Once I learned Alice's backstory, then Shaft's use of its trademark Madoka Magica-like aesthetics (courtesy of animation group Inu Curry) to represent Alice's domain made complete sense.
This episode really make me feel that only Shaft is the best for this Fate series.
There was a lot of lewd hand holding this episode.
Well my house is a strictly christian household so I had to skip that scene. SHAFT please mosaic it it's too lewd.
Saber getting pouty-faced after Rin called her out on being so shameless was kind of cute, though.
Hey, remember those backgrounds we did for Madoka?
Yep, must be somewhere in the basement.
Get them out, I have an idea.
Overall it was a nice set up episode which seems to be what Extra is going for, a 1,2 of some sorts. We also got some semblance of plot points behind, like if Hakuno had already gone once through the war. My bet is that he's not unlike Dan or Alice, he's alive because SERAPH or MoonCell wants it so. Rin is probably the same, which explains why she also has powers.
I hope we don't see them beat Nursery next episode because she's lovely.
my guess is they are going to beat amamuri and g to next level without hurting alice
I'm still a fan of the Rin = Tamamo theory
That's a theory? I can see Rin secretly having Tamamo as a servant, but why would she be Tamamo?
Some of her mannerisms, her actions/state in the Moon Cell, plus the fact that Tamamo has a shapeshift ability. Some of the setting stuff (i.e. almost 1000 years later than OG Extra) also may relate to Tamamo.
I think the theory first popped up around episode 3, with the Tamamo sticker, and some other minor things in episode 5.
The art choice for the floor considering that Nursery Rhyme is there is on point.
I was waiting for this since I learned about floor master. It's like entire floor master thing was created just for third week/floor opponents. And so far I'm not disappointed. Weird world looking like one of Madoka Magica Witches creation, strange phenomenons and that ost in the end.
Also Alice is cutest being in this universe.
Umu blushing? That was great.
blushing and pouting at the same time. truly a deadly combo.
And people still think Rin is best girl.

 How many episodes is this going to be?

12-13 for the 1st cour. We dont hae any confirmation for how many episodes hte 2nd cour will have.

Visually this episode was amazing, it seems like Shaft got Gekidan Inu Curry back to do the visuals, the animation team that was responsible for all the witch stuff in Madoka. Their style amazing, I'm glad to see their stuff again.

Jesuscrist, it took spanish subs 3 hours and it look like an eternity for me, don't want to know how you guys feel after an entire day, it's like Symphogear allover again.
Obligatory "we madoka now" boy, isn't this the most Shaft episode so far.
I'm not really a fan of this "character of the week" style, I don't really care about them, this what killed Apocrypha for me but ironically is one of the things I love the most about Monogatari and Madoka, with some solid writing and a couple good characters this can be solve, gotta trust Shaft.
Also, what's with japanese obsessive with Alice in Wonderland?
That "ara" that Saber said after the "monster" disappeared was so cute.

Haha well the Fate/Extra game is literally a character of week tournament. 7 weeks, 7 different opponents. So the format of LE was to be expected. Although in my experience with the game and all i can say that LE is really raising the bar and being WAY more interesting.

Alice's smile must be protected. At all costs!


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